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How to Have Confidence in Anything

Whenever you are faced with an area in your life that you don’t like, or an aspect of yourself you aren’t proud of, you have two choices:

1) Own it


2) Change it

Whatever it is, if you own it, you have confidence.

jen stark PointOfExposure

Have you ever noticed certain people who carry, say thirty or fifty extra pounds on them and they are busting with attitude? They genuinely love themselves, they’ve accepted the body weight they have and screw you if you don’t like it. They’ll find someone who does.

They radiate attractiveness because they are proud of who they are. Maybe they defy “conventional” definitions of beauty, but their charisma can be felt across the room.

That’s owning it.

Or, you have another option: change it.

Whatever it is you want to be different, YOU can decide to make it so.

And then take action.

You can work hard to lose those extra thirty pounds and THE BIG SECRET is that the moment you start on that journey, you gain confidence. As soon as you get into action around whatever it is you want, it goes from being a shameful secret you are embarrassed about to something you have taken control of.

Now you have power.

You choose.

How you see yourself is how others see you.

What have you been putting off taking action on that is troubling you? Starting a new fitness program? Changing up your diet? Starting a meditation practice?

Take action now. I guarantee, that as soon as you get in motion, things will change. And once you get in motion, you’ll harness momentum.

Image: Conrad Roset

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