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Is the heart of a woman in her vagina?

I was doing an interview this week and was asked about something I’d said:

“When you open a woman’s heart, you open her vagina.”

I said yes, that’s true. 

And then he asked, “Is the reverse also true? If you open a woman’s vagina, can you also open her heart?”


Great, juicy question.

If you can penetrate a woman deeply, you can also burst her open from the inside out.

The problem is, that most women have had a cumulated history of bad sexual experiences.

They’ve had far too many three-minute lovers who barely penetrated them, let alone brought them to orgasm or to deeper places within themselves.

They’ve come to dismiss the vagina as a pleasure center. Maybe they focus exclusively on the clitoris.

Because it’s easier. Safer. Her insides won’t really be touched.

If you really want to go deep with your woman, if you really want to open her up to who she really is, if you want her to be able to change her life with her orgasms, you need to go inside.

Deep inside.

And you need to be able to stay there.

As a man, you have to develop your stamina, your multi-orgasmic capacity to sustain yourself, no matter what she throws out at you—screams, tears, laughter, intensity.

A former female client wrote to me this week to ask me a question:

“When I have an amazing orgasm, afterwards I find myself crying. It is a powerful release, and just adds to the positive power of everything! I LOVE it!??

My current partner asks me why I cry at times—I tell him that it is because I am experiencing the ultimate at this point in time.??

When I google it—it talks about guilt—this is sooooo not what I’m experiencing. No guilt—just pleasure.??

What’s going on?”??

My response:

??“Great to hear you have a new partner who can make you cry! That’s awesome news! 😉 ??

Actually, it really is. The deeper vaginal orgasms, the kind that are often the most challenging to get to, often lead to tears of joy, happiness, love or just intense release. Nothing wrong here. Everything is right! :)”??

She’s being opened from the inside out.

I wrote last week about my first epic sex weekend, early on in my sexual history.

We spent hours and hours in bed.

I spent hours and hours with him inside me.

I remember feeling layers of myself peeling away.

With every thrust, I would open a layer deeper.

And I would shed a skin.

At the end of that weekend, I felt completely reborn.

And I never went back.

To take a woman to this place, you need a cock that is relentless and fierce. And can stand up to anything.

In the same way you can as a man.

You need emotional and physical stamina.

A woman needs to be able to let go, to dare to open past her blocks, past the ideas of who she thinks she is and how much she can take, into a whole new dimension of herself and life.

I’ve spoken before about the holy grail of cervical orgasms for women. The cervix truly is the heart of the vagina. The epicenter.

These deeper orgasms, these deeper sexual experiences are what take you not only into sexual mastery, but into life mastery.

These are the things that not only make you (cry) glow, feel euphoria, lose your inhibitions, make you more cash, drop that extra 20 pounds and get you that promotion at work, they just plain make you a better person.


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