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Natural Breast Lift and Enlargement

Even in the age of plastic surgery, it never occurred to me to go out and buy a new ass or a new stomach.

I always just went to the gym.

I love to be—need to be—physically active, and a six-pack is a great by-product of that.

I know that breasts seem like an area of the body that doesn’t respond to any kind of disciplined regime.

If you want a new ass, you can do a fuckton of squats, and you can build a booty.

If you want a new vagina, you can lift weights with it, and you’ll have a super-charged fuck-machine.


You can alter them too.

There is so much pressure for breasts to look a certain size, defy gravity and be constantly sexy.

Under all that weight of expectation, many women dissociate from their breasts.

The breasts literally shrink or begin to sag.

There are other lifestyle elements that contribute to breasts not living up to their full potential—wearing bras, toxic deodorants, poor diet, lack of exercise.

And not being loved.

The breasts represent the flow of energy into and out of the heart.

When you are being loved up emotionally and sexually, the breasts swell with fulfillment.

One of the things I love most about the Taoist way of looking at sexuality, is the idea that our sexual organs act as generators and transformers of energy.

The ovaries and testes are the storehouses for our creative, life-force potential.

The uterus is the receptive incubator to grow new ideas. And babies. Your pro-creative container.

The breasts are alchemists.

They take nutrients from the body and catalyze them into the most nourishing and superfood substance on the planet for our children—breast milk.

Breasts also take negative energy, emotions and toxins in the body and turn them into positive energy and beneficial substances.

That’s their job..

Let’s get down to breast business with some facts.

Yes, facts.

1) You can change the shape and size of your breasts. Naturally. I’ve had it happen and I’ve worked with countless other women who have experienced it. There are Taoist exercises that revive the energy flow in the breasts and this rejuvenates them and self-actualizes them.

2) You can lift the breasts. Again, through different Taoist practices, you can restore and reawaken the breasts. Vaginal weight lifting helps with this too. It creates an energetic lift in the whole body and breasts and faces respond well to this. No more Botox.

3) You can use the breasts as conscious transformers of energy and emotions. As “catalytic converters” of the negative into positive.

Remember, sexual energy is creative energy. It moves, births and rebirths new life.

All of your reproductive organs are designed to do just that—reproduce and create.

You can do this consciously.

Lest you thought your breasts were just decorative.

When you own and utilize your breasts for their true purposes, they light up. They become beacons of the heart and intuitive sensors that guide you.

Being well-f**ked, the theme of the month, is multi-faceted. 

Yes, it’s about your sexual connection with your partner.

Primarily, it’s about the sexual connection with yourself.

Are you transforming your sexual energy into creative energy and channelling it into your life? Are you using your sexual organs for their highest purpose? Are you tapping into your highest purpose?

Yes, orgasms are awesome.

Being well-f**ked is much deeper than that.

It’s activating and turning on all of your hidden talents.


In the How to Be a Well-F**ked Woman Salon, I’m going to show you how to maximize your breast potential.
You’ll learn breast massage techniques to grow and lift the breasts.
I’ll show you how to use your breasts as emotional and energetic transformers.
By activating the breasts, you open the heart. By waking up the breasts, you’ll have access to your more open-hearted self.
You’ll get more turned on. The breasts play a huge—and very overlooked role—in a woman’s sexual arousal. Once you activate them, all your juices will flow more freely.

Eight weeks of ideas, techiques and action steps that will radically change you from the inside out.

Feeling Insatiable?

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