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10 25

Raging-er, Even Harder Erections

Most men don’t fully inhabit their erections.

Even a strong 80-per-center still has room for growth, and some guys don’t even come close to that.

How much are you showing up in your life and self?

Are you fully inhabiting your masculine energy and drive?

If so, your cock will reveal that.

Welcome to Cocktober!

Yes, we’re still celebrating this glorious month with more cock wisdom. 

Continuing on last week’s topic: erections.

Your erection will swell with the weight of your gravitas.

Gravitas is the Latin term for weight, heaviness.

The quality of presence or influence.

Gravitas is balls.

How much do you own yours?

There are many ways to boost erectile fullness, from attitude to herbs to sleep.

Check out this week’s Erection Power: Part Two.

In this latest instalment of my Cock Mastery Video Series, learn:

  • The plant that gives men stronger morning wood within 24 hours
  • How to hijack your sleep pattern to build better cock
  • Which alternative medicine cures ED in 40-75% of men
  • My number one tool for wilder, harder erections




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