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Sexual Fitness: Get F**king Fit!

Want to be a superstar f**ker? ?In the realm of sexercise, mo’ better!

From the Taoist and Tantric perspective on sex, more is better and longer is best.

The longer we have sex for, the more high-quality energy we can harvest and exchange with each other, coming out of our sexual encounters feeling rejuvenated, highly pleasured and totally fulfilled. 

To be able to go the distance in those crucial moments and not drop the ball, to be able to hold various sexual positions and be more creative, you need to be in excellent sexual shape.

And, for women to reach the deeper, life-changing orgasms—like cervical orgasms—they need sustained penetration.

30-45 minutes is often what’s needed to get them over the edge.

This is why women often don’t get to these orgasms, because the act of penetration is too quick for them to finish.

Or even start.

Plus, a woman herself needs to build up the strength and stamina to handle these intense states of sexual and emotional release.

So how do you prepare for these marathon sex sessions?

How do you get in the best sexual shape of your life?

In this week’s video, I’m sharing the five key components to getting into marathon-sex and multiple-orgasm shape.

Speaking of sexercise, The Daily Mail loves Vaginal Kung Fu and jade yoni eggs!

My vagina makes headlines again, on its #thingsiliftwithmyvagina world tour:

“Modelling chic outfits in exquisite cuts and colourful hues, weightlifter and intimacy coach Kim Anami looks radiant as she poses in a range of exotic locations… hoisting a range of objects into the air, using her vagina to hold them there.”



P.S. The Vaginal Kung Fu Salon will run again at the end of January. If you haven’t yet, check out the free video series with some vaginal homeplay you can start tonight.

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