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Softcock to Supercock

What is the relationship between your cock and your life?

How do we distinguish a Softcock from a Supercock? 

Diargram 2.6 The Visual Illustration of Supercock vs. Softcock

Here are some other clinically proven ways to understand the difference between the species Softcock Impotentus and Supercock Erectus.

For the purposes of this peer-reviewed, journal-published study, we have examined three areas of performance:



  • Weeks go by without sex.
  • Anxiety creeps in that it has been a long time.
  • The approach: (Looks down, shuffles feet): “Maybe, if you aren’t busy and you don’t have to do your nails or wash the dishes or anything else important, do you think you that like, maybe—if you aren’t too tired—you might like to have sex with me?”


  • Initiates sex daily, or every other day.
  • Sends her flirty and suggestive messages throughout the day.
  • The approach: Has been sending her suggestive messages and looks all day. (Stares her intensely in the eyes): “I’m going to make you come.” Tosses her phone away, picks her up, throws her over his shoulder, carries her into the bedroom.



  • Is governed by duty and “shoulds”.
  • Is a dutiful provider and does the things society has told him make a good man, husband and father.
  • Work is not very gratifying to him and does not showcase his true nature.
  • Likely makes up for his lack of fulfillment in other ways, like a closet porn habit, emotional or other “affairs” with other women.
  • Struggling financially.


  • Has a vocation that reflects who he is and is the embodiment of his true talents.
  • Has found his life’s mission and he lives it every day.
  • In his paid work and his hobbies, these things are a reflection of all the things he is passionate about.
  • Money flows in easily.


Diagram 4.3 The Impact of Softcocks vs. Supercocks


  • Has “issues” with premature ejaculation.
  • Not occupying the full size and power of his cock: variable erection strength and sometimes not at all.
  • Has a low libido.


  • Can fuck for hours and control when or if it ejaculates.
  • Rises to the occasion, regardless of the man’s age. There are plenty of 60 and 70-year-old Supercocks out there.
  • Is a fearless lover. He can go everywhere. Has no sexual hangups. From period sex to something up his ass once in a while, he’s down.
  • Gives his woman a cornucopia of orgasms. They rain down on him like a monsoon.
  • Oh, and he goes down. A lot. And LOVES eating pussy.


The cock is the man is the cock.

As the cock gets more confident in bed, showing up and occupying its full erectile and orgasmic potential—and hers—it correspondingly expands in life.

It inhabits more of its true self.

In subjects using the Anami Protocol of Supercock Enlargement and Enlightenment Techniques, rapid growth was assessed.

Orgasms were plentiful and powerful.

Women were well-f**ked and ecstatic.

The Supercock, like a divining rod of cash, drew abundance to it.

To investigate the Anami Protocol of Supercock Enlargement and Enlightenment Techniques, please click on this link.


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~K xx





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