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Stop Thinking: Start F**king

Over the years, some of the smartest people I’ve known have also been the most sexual.

I could see that intuitively they knew they needed sex.

They needed it to shut their minds off.

Of course, sex—and intimacy—provides a massive biochemical alteration in your system.

It’s one of the best natural highs around.

It also gave them a welcome break from the relentless churning of their minds.

Interestingly, my favorite marathon fuckers over the years have also been the most brilliant men I have ever met.

These guys who could fuck for hours—and loved to fuck for hours—were intellectual powerhouses. They were driven. They were passionate about everything they did, especially their work. They aimed to win.

They did.

And they understood the dangers of over-thinking things.

So they had devices to direct their energy elsewhere. And let the truth or an answer bubble up to the surface.

Devices like sex.

Sex also helped temper them, to yin out their ferocious yang. To silence the relentless churning of their amazing minds.

You can use this powerful “mind shutting off” of sex to help you be a better thinker.

Yes. Not thinking helps you think better.

It’s like the rest phase during weight training—both while lifting weights and in the day(s) after when you let yourself recover.

You need to pause to let things integrate. And come into a new form. To get stronger.

In the pausing is your power.

If you find yourself getting into a space where your brow is furrowed and you are going over every possible angle of a situation, consider some sexual angles instead.

Interrupt your “thinking” and stop your mind from moving.

And get your body moving instead.

Because sex, at its best, is so all-consuming, it’s one of the best tools for this.

Exercise in general is also very good, but it has to be engaging enough. A “light walk” isn’t likely to do the trick.

You need to be “all in.”

Rock climbing on a ledge where you could possibly fall to your death. Lifting weights at the very edge of your strength threshold. Facing a huge wave that you are going to jump on and ride and possibly tumble off into oblivion.

Your mind needs to be so intensely focused—or distracted—that a different kind of flow can show up.

One that opens you up to your own truth.

Your own knowing.

Gourmet sex is the best “all in” I know. Because every part of you is engaged: mind, heart and genitals.

That’s the path to genius: knowing when not to think.

And when to just go have sex instead.


Image: Tony Duran

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