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Supercock: Wild and Potent Erections

What makes one erection legendary and the other limp? Learn my top 10 erection-boosting tips.

I have known men in their 60s and 70s who still had raging erections.

And I know 20-somethings who have been on Viagra for years. 

There are plenty of things you can do to strengthen your erection. 

And enter into Supercock territory. 

And none of them involve Viagra.

A man who is living in his true power in all parts of his life, also fully occupies his cock. 

The kind of Supercock that is relentless and can fuck all night. 

It brings a woman to heights of orgasms.

“Literally screaming as she comes” as one of my clients once said.

It’s confident of its place in the world.

And in a woman.  

So how do you get one of these all-performance Supercocks? 

In my nearly 30-year career of doing this work, I’ve never once suggested a man ever take Viagra. 

I’ve got plenty of men off…. of it though! 

And restored their natural state of raging hard cock. 

Learn my top 10 erection-boosting tips in this week’s podcast. 

And grow one of my favourite things in the world: a Supercock! 

Listen to the podcast now. 

Listen on my site and comment or download and listen on the go:


 Begins next week. 

This is my 8-week online “how to live, love and fuck” in a male body program that everyone ought to have. 

Learn how to: 

  • Build erectile strength and power 
  • Increase your cock size—yes, it’s possible 
  • Have hours-long stamina—you, too, can f*ck like Sting
  • Separate orgasm from ejaculation 
  • Occupy more of your masculine energy in life and in bed
  • Give your woman deeper vaginal orgasms, like cervical, G-Spot and have her ejaculate across the room 
  • Use your sexual energy, channeling it into your life to boost everything from your woman’s happiness to your bank balance. Yes great sex = more cash.

All this and more in the Sexual Mastery for Men Salon that is now open. 

Come one, come all!





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