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The Most Underrated Sex Act?

There are a lot of underrated sex acts. 

Fingerf**king is one of them.

Perhaps *the* most underrated.

In the mad rush to orgasm, many people gloss over sex acts that can be a main course all on their own.

Like finger and hand play.

During your next sexual encounter, consider expanding the length of time you spend on your partner (or yourself) with your hands.

There are plenty of pros for hands and fingers:

1) Precision. Fingers can get to places that other objects of penetration just can’t. Or not so specifically, at least.

People tend to have more sensory awareness in their hands and fingers than their genitals. So until you are able to lift ten pounds with your cock or vagina, and have very sentient genitals, your fingers likely come out on top.

2) G-Spots. Again, because of the precision element, fingers rule. The curve required to access both male and female G-Spots, and the flexibility, makes your fingers your number one choice, above cocks and toys. G-Spots love fingers.

3) Public play. Let’s face it, finding ways to actually have intercourse on the stealth in public is a challenge.

And a welcome one for some of us.

However, a stealth cock grab or breast clutch is easily attainable. I encourage you to experiment with plenty of public touch—either overtly or on the sly.

One of my favorite games, is “How many erections can I give you in public?”

If you are not so much of an exhibitionist, under-the-dinner-table makes for plenty of orgasm opportunities. This necessitates a side-by-side seating arrangement though.

And really, eating across from each other is just a waste of time.

Dinner-table-hand-jobs are also a great way to maintain eye contact that may often be lost during bed-sex.

I’m sure none of you will ever forget Isla Fisher’s legendary scene in Wedding Crashers that has made me love her forever.

“That’s you!” my then-boyfriend said as we were watching it together.


4) Expanding your sexual repertoire. Many of the sex acts that people think of as cursory or obligatory foreplay, can be expanded for hours.

You add lots more to your sexual range by doing this, and up the element of surprise when you don’t know exactly what your lover has in store for you—because it’s all so good and all of it is on the table. (Or under it).

In this way too, “anytime/anywhere”—my sex motto—becomes a reality in terms of location in the world and location on my body and his.

Especially to open women up for deeper, cervical orgasms, lots and lots of G-Spot and internal vaginal play is essential. Guys, use your hands for that. Save the big gun(s) for her cervix.

5) Manual play includes massage. There are pressure points and erogenous zones located all over the body, that when stimulated, open up the flow of energy. You can study this, or just let your intuition guide you.

All around the groin are a plethora of energy points just waiting to be released.

Which precipitate a deeper release.

Use your hands and fingers as instruments of penetration.

Because penetration and orgasm shouldn’t just happen once. Or by only one avenue.


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