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The Only Battle for Lovers to Have

There is only one fight that ought to be fought between lovers.

The one that keeps you up all night, duelling to victory. 

The battle is over who finishes last.

Not first; last.

The last person to orgasm wins.

Of course, the spirit of this “duel” is positive, not showmanship. Not in the cliched sense of conquering someone, but with the idea that the aim of every sexual encounter is to please your partner more than he or she can please you.

You want to outlast and tucker the other out.

The “victor” is the one who can last the longest, although clearly the “victory” is shared between you.

I have spent hours, nights and weeks in this battle. I’ve spent lifetimes searching for worthy opponents.

I have been with a handful of lovers who embody this relentlessness and the sex with them transcends all other sex I’ve ever had. This constant focus also allows both people to remain fully in the moment; you can think and feel nothing other than your body and its pleasure responses when a masterful hand and intention is 150% focused on delivering you.

Into yourself.

So tonight, fight the good fight.

If only with yourself, how far can you take yourself before you can only succumb? How much can you resist?

With your lover, aim to please and endure. Please and endure.

What doesn’t make you orgasm, makes you stronger.

Your sexual stamina is a measure of your stamina in life. Your ability to withstand pleasure, to receive pleasure in your groin, tells of your life endurance.

~K xx

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4 thoughts on “The Only Battle for Lovers to Have

  1. Hi Kim, love your work and writing! Can you do a blog post on female ejaculation? Is it real? Can women actually acheive this?

    1. Yes, female ejaculation is real and I am happy to experience this incredible kind of pleasure over and over again with being intimate with my partner.