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The World Record for Vaginal Weight Lifting is????

How can you get a super-powered, self-actualized and world-famous vagina?

If you’ve read my Playboy article, then you know the Guinness World Record for vaginal weight lifting is 31 pounds.

Tatiata Kozhevnikova, a 42-year-old woman from Novosibirsk, Russia, has won the title for the second year in a row. Tatiata began the practice after the birth of her first child, feeling that her vaginal muscles had weakened. She read an article about the ancient Taoist practice and then picked up the first thing she could see – a Murano glass ball – and placed it in her vagina. It got, uh, stuck. So she began having custom balls made for her with a hook to tie a string onto – both to extricate the ball and to attach weights to.



Vaginal weight lifting is a 5000 year-old practice that has its roots in ancient, Taoist China. Courtesans in the emperor’s court used a jade egg with weights attached to it to strengthen the vaginal canal. They had such mastery that they were able to make a man ejaculate or stop him from ejaculating, all with the power of their vaginal muscles.

In addition to giving a man more pleasure, a strong vagina gives a woman greater satisfaction as well. By being able to articulate different regions, she awakens sensation. The chances of achieving G-Spot orgasm are increased. Strengthening the pelvic floor holds all the internal organs more solidly, contributing to their better function, a straighter posture and addresses issues such as incontinence or a future prolapsed uterus.

I have yet to find a woman (including me) who reports success with Kegels. The analogy I use is, if you want to build your bicep, do you flap your arm up and down 60 times? Or do you pick up a weight and then methodically pump your arm?


I’ll be running the Vaginal Kung Fu salon again in February to teach you all about the Jade Egg Practice.. I’ll be talking about the history of the practice, showing how you to move your sexual energy and store it in your body for focus and rejuvenation. I’ll go through a routine of the egg practice that you can use at home.

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