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8 24

Things that Open, Things that Penetrate

I gave a talk in Vancouver this past fall called “The Things that Open Me; The Things that Penetrate Me.”

It was for the incredible, held-in-many cities cultural happening Pecha Kucha. The format is totally unique in that each speaker has only six minutes: 20 seconds to describe 20 slides that encapsulate their creative inspiration.

Due to a snowstorm on that evening (all of Vancouver shuts down when it snows), it wasn’t recorded on the night. So I just recorded it myself, for posterity. And because I had requests to hear more about how to be properly opened and penetrated.

You’ll miss the gasps of shock and laughter from the night, but I’m sure you can insert your own.

It’s safe for YouTube. Safe-ish. So it’s safe-ish for work. Are cock chandeliers safe for work? One never knows.

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