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Thoughts Are Things

Thoughts are things. They’re real. Invisible, but tangible.

You may not always be conscious of the impact your thoughts have on your life, but impact they have.

Other people may not consciously be aware of the thoughts you hold about them, but subconsciously they are.

Be mindful of your words. Before that even, be mindful of your thoughts.

I was driving home from an event the other night. I had a conversation with someone that got me thinking about how I was being misunderstood. The thinking led to defensiveness, which led to fuming. In my head.

I spent about 15 minutes formulating arguments and indulging in criticism of others.

A burning smell broke me out of my reverie. Then smoke began rising from the hood of my car. I pulled over and got out to take a look. As I bent to see where the smoke was coming from, I saw flames underneath my hood.

Instant panic/adrenalin response and my accompanying thought sequence:

“Cars + Smoke + Fire = Explosion?

If explosion = incinerating contents of car, what’s in the car?

Ah, my laptop. My book is on my laptop. Must get the laptop.

Hmm. My groceries. Yep, must get those as well.

I think my runners are in the trunk. I might go running tomorrow. Grab those too.”

And then I sprint across the parking lot, because I think i should probably be far away from my car. I look around to see how many other cars and potentially people are around me. No people, but all these cars could be toast.

The car is in the shop (no explosion) but they haven’t found the problem yet. I have.


Everything you think and feel emanates out into the world and finds form. The spiritual Law of Karma states that it all comes back to you. Maybe not right away. Maybe not this week. Maybe not this lifetime.

But it comes back.

The relationship I have with spirit right now is that whatever I sow, I reap immediately. I’m ever refining my actions and thoughts to make them more pure.

When I slip, I get smacked. I am reminded to be much more mindful of my thoughts.

Because the truth is, if my destructive thoughts are that powerful, just think of how far-reaching my positive ones are, especially, when they’re infused with the superpower, secret weapon, most powerful force we have access to, love.

~ Kim

Image: Su Blackwell

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts Are Things

  1. Amazing how the world always manages to cook something up to show us where we are straying from the path. Hope your car gets taken care of. Thanks for sharing.