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“I’m too pretty for anal!”

Who knew you could find God up your ass??

People have all kinds of misconceptions about out-of-the-box sex acts.

Especially anal sex. 

“I’m too pretty for anal!” is something a friend of mine used to say.

Anal sex is a grand sexual taboo.

It shows up on the perfunctory checklist of porn activities.



Anal sex?


Yet, the power of these experiences is lost on most people.

Did you that anal sex can bring you closer to God?

Who knew that you could find God up your ass?

Me! I know!

Next time you’re feeling disconnected from spirit, grab some lube and go adventuring to the dark side.

Here are five new ways to look at anal sex:

1. The ass is the seat of all your proverbial shit.

There is a reason why we call people “tight asses”.

This is where they store all of their unresolved stuff.

The shit that weighs them down.

The shit they haven’t let go of.

The shit that keeps them emotionally and mentally constipated.

Anyone can benefit from a gentle and impassioned probing up the ass, to open, unwind and help you integrate the things you’ve left behind.

En-light-en-ing you.

2) Spiritual transcendence.

The only way up the ass is through deep, deep surrender and opening.

You can’t force your way in there.

You have to willingly surrender and let go.

This in itself is massively healing, centring and rejuvenating.

Nothing awakens you quite like a cock in the ass.

The act of continually opening, loosening and releasing sends waves and reverberations through your body and your psyche.

Your walls come down and you feel more open to the flow of life. You are open to your inner guidance and spiritual direction as you float out into the world, beautifully unravelled.

This is soul-f**k medicine.

3) Anal orgasms are as powerful as cervical orgasms. 

You’re probably heard me wax poetic about the power and pleasure of deep cervical orgasms—how these are essential and life-changing for all women.

So are anal orgasms.

The level of cathartic release coming from the ass is hugely therapeutic and pleasurable.

Women—and men—can experience the same wild, uncontrollable, emotional, spiritual and physical ecstasy that comes from the deep vaginal orgasms.

You come out reborn.

4) Builds trust and strengthens your bond as a couple. 

Vaginas can lie.

You can smother lube on them and enter them and they can forget what it means to say yes or no.

Not so with the ass.

The ass doesn’t lie.

Unless you are fully ready to receive, your ass will be on clampdown.

This is a great exercise in listening to yourself, building your step-by-step communication with your partner and learning to intuit each other’s desires and energies during sex.

The ass is vulnerability incarnate. It’s super sensitive and delicate and full of a ton of nerve endings.

Which means it needs to be handled with care.

It also means that its capacity for pleasure is off-the-charts.

When you transgress this zone together, it brings you closer.

5) The only place I encourage lube in. 

Vaginas self-lubricate when they are emotionally and physically ready.

Asses need assistance.

Go nuts with the lube.

Organic coconut oil is my first choice. Use lots of it, go slow—slower than you think you need to—and you’ll be on your way to anal enlightenment.

The lightening of all your shit.

Via your ass.

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~K xxx



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