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Your genitals are talking. Are you listening?

You are your genitals. They are the core of you. Your deepest, innermost expression, your insides made visible outwardly.

When a man is strong, connected to his masculine energy and responsive to his partner, his erection responds in kind: it is firm and unwavering.

When a woman is tapped into her feminine flow and when she is feeling aroused emotionally and physically, she gushes. She has no need for vaginal lubricant.

Your genitals are talking. Are you listening?

They are the barometer of your truth.

How connected are you to your genitals?

As a man, do you have precise control over when you orgasm? Instead of the build from arousal to climax—let’s say 1-10—being a total unconscious gap from 7-10, can you break down your climb to a 7.1, 7.3, 7.5 and so on? Can you incrementally gauge exactly where you are? And choose to orgasm whenever you like?

As a woman, do you lubricate from the sound of your partner’s voice? Can you feel every millimetre of your vagina as responsive? As not only capable of receiving pleasure, but being able to give it?

As a society, most people are cut off from their sexuality. Most people suffer from FUKME—women AND men. Most people are numb in their genitals.

Did you know that men can maintain erections for hours and hours at a time? (No, it’s not called Viagra). Or that men can separate orgasm from ejaculation?

Did you know that women can remain wet for hours? Or that they can shoot ping pong balls from their vaginas? (Well, you probably knew that). Or that a woman can make a man climax or not climax from her degree of pelvic control?

This is what your genitals are designed to do.

When your genitals are integrated into you, they become sensory organs capable to receiving and giving. They develop perception. They talk to you and you to them. They represent your sexuality being fully integrated into the rest of you.

You become whole.

I have practiced vaginal weight lifting for years. Apart from having more sensitivity, more powerful orgasms, I have the sense that my vagina has ESP. It’s awake, like a living, breathing, entity. It has its own intuition and awareness. It communicates to its close companions.

I’ve noticed when I’ve worked with men, especially my lovers, to reconnect to their genitals, their erections actually grow (on average, half an inch). They inhabit them so much more fully, that they physically expand. They own them. They walk around with rock-hard erections, perpendicular to the floor, that I feel ever-driven to succumb to.

I speak about this practice of vaginal kung fu, developing more genital awareness and steps to becoming multi-orgasmic in my free video series. Have you seen them yet?

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There is a series of three. I suggest you watch them in succession: 1, 2, 3.

Check them out!

Here’s an email from a woman who wrote to me after trying the technique I suggested in Video 2:

“I watched the second video yesterday, had a massage after work…tried to go to
sleep last night. Couldn’t. Decided to give your breathing exercises a try. Got out my vibrator, and it all lasted for about 2 hours. My stomach muscles are sore today from the nature of the orgasms.

Holy Hell!”

And it only gets better.

~ Kim
Image: Araki.

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