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Your Thoughts Control Your Destiny

“Genes control nothing!”

These are the words of the Dr. Bruce Lipton, an American cellular biologist. If you aren’t familiar with him, he’s a pioneer in the field of quantum biology – making the links on a cellular level that physics has been emerging with for years. Namely, you – your thoughts, your feelings – create your reality.


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I had the great pleasure of hearing Dr. Bruce Lipton speak last weekend at UBC. Some of the most profound insights I took away from his talk were:

– Your genes respond and change every day according to your environment.
– Your brain creates your biology and biochemistry to reflect your beliefs. I.e. if you believe that you live in a hostile world, your brain will generate stress hormones to prove you right. If you change your beliefs, you change your chemistry.
– Cells are either in protection or growth – they can’t be in both at the same time. If you are in protection mode, you aren’t growing.
– Our conscious mind controls only 5% of our behaviour; our subconscious, 95%.
– When we question why our reality doesn’t match the beliefs we have, it’s because we’re being run by that 95% that isn’t even aware of what it’s doing. Thus, when we have a rage blackout and our conscious mind can’t even remember what happened, it’s because our subconscious was in control.
– Until you re-write those subconscious programs – like your mother’s fear of sex or your father’s worry about money – they are still there. The good news is that you can rewrite them.
– How? Remember, we’re addressing the subconscious here. Bruce suggests using hypnosis, subliminal recordings and energy psychology – all techniques that bypass the conscious mind and affect the subconscious.
– Bruce offers an excellent resource list of systems and books on his site.
– He also places a strong emphasis on conscious parenting. Young children are constantly imprinting from their environment so it’s important that as parents we clear our own subconscious programs so we can offer a healthier atmosphere to our children.

Right after the talk I went to Banyen Books where I bought a subliminally recorded CD. I found an excellent series by Kelly Howell which is available for download here. She has titles such as Attract Love, Attract Wealth, Positive Thinking and more. I love the CD I have and I listen to it every night as I go to sleep. I even convinced my son to play it on his Mac on repeat all night. We’re both committing to 30 days. I have to say that even after the first night I noticed a difference in my life in how other people were responding to me. Which makes sense, because they were responding to my subconscious – to the beliefs I am unconsciously transmitting to the world. And I’m telling you, they are responding amazingly well!

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