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10 Ways to Find Truth

How do you tune into the truth? 

The voice of truth lies within us. Accessing it is a constant effort.

We have to be able to tune out the effluvia and static interference of our lives and go deep to connect with our core desires.

How do you do this?

1) Ask. Ask and you shall receive. Check in with spirit, your inner self, your “gut” or whatever you want to call the highest part of you that knows everything. Ask for help.

Just asking opens up a channel for you to tap into a deeper wisdom.

2) Listen. After you ask, pay attention. The universe is constantly giving you feedback and answers. When you really open to hearing them, you’ll be amazed at how much information is coming your way.

Trust that the answers are coming to you. Or are right in front of you.

3) Act. Getting the truth is one thing. Acting on it is something else.

Sometimes we don’t ask because we don’t want to know. Knowing forces our hand.

The universe provides a beautiful momentum when you act immediately on what you know to be true. If you wait too long, opportunities disappear, windows shut and though the same truth may apply, you may have a harder time following it if you wait too long.

The universe rewards bold action with more truth.

4) Meditate. This is like making time every day to officially ask.

I’ve had a daily meditation practice for over 20 years. It’s as much a part of my routine as showering every day. It’s my time to tune my instrument so I can listen better.

5) “Connecting time.” In your intimate relationships, be they with your lover or your children or your friends, it’s important to set aside time to be with and listen to them too.

The quality time you spend with them keeps the channel open and your connection free-flowing. It also prevents the build-up of suppressed issues.

6) Exercise. We inhabit physical bodies. They work best when they are in motion daily. Vigorous motion. Take your pick: sexercise, yoga, weight training, Pilates, running in the woods.

Plus, exercise gets you naturally high and clears your mind. We were born to run and move. When your body isn’t screaming for attention, it acts as a better channel.

7) Diet. What you eat affects how you think. I’m particularly sensitive to this, so I’ve been on an organic, whole foods diet for 25 years. My mind feels lucid (most of the time!) and I’m operating at my best mentally. Physically, too.

Pay attention to foods that tire you out or create mental confusion. Eliminate them. Look at how you can purify what goes into you.

A clean diet also helps you to have a more accurate “gut feeling.” In fact, the gut is considered to be the second brain in the body.

8) Unresolved stuff. Be it old issues from the past, or a recent argument with a friend, it’s best to address this stuff as soon as you can. It takes up space. Pretty soon you are stumbling over all the issues hanging in the ethers you’ve opted not to deal with. Be expedient.

9) Of course… sex. Frequent sex with your partner or yourself clears the cobwebs that grow in your being(s). Great sex washes all your energy meridians clean and moves stuck energy.

After sex, the truth often “comes to” the surface.

Sex has been scientifically proven to light up the same brain centres as meditation. So if you are pressed for time and have to choose…

Two birds, one orgasm.

10) Serve. Help someone. When you take your attention off yourself and put it on someone else, it’s like not watching the pot so it can boil.

Your channel opens immensely and love just pours through.

In fact, this may be the most powerful, and overlooked, item on the list.

And with that, I’m off to volunteer for the whole weekend. 🙂

Love to you all.


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