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Circumvent the Circumcision!

Intact-ivism of the best kind.

In today’s episode, I’m speaking with Brendan Marotta, director of the 2017 film, American Circumcision

This is a difficult topic for many people to talk about, because in acknowledging the truth behind why circumcision happens—and the lies people have been told—then one is faced with the horror of realizing… 

They were duped. 

There is no good reason to cut off a baby’s penis. 

Only terrible ones. 

And then, once you realize this, how do you pick up the pieces?

And heal? 

The truth is, male circumcision came about for the exact same reasons why people scream bloody murder and “That’s genital mutilation!” when it’s done to women. 

The reason? 

To prevent sexual pleasure. 

“Oh, but isn’t it for religious reasons, Kim?” 

“But it’s for hygiene, right?” 

Um, really? You think God or nature messed up the most important part of a human’s anatomy—the part responsible for the reproduction of the species—and “Ooops!” made a mistake there? 


Dig deeper.

If you do, you’ll find, again, that the source of that idea was to prevent sexual pleasure. 

Even today, it’s shocking to see people fighting for the right to circumcise. 

It’s called internalized oppression. 

When people can’t bear to look at the truth, and so they settle for a lie or story that makes them feel better about something utterly horrific. 

It’s a form of Stockholm Syndrome—being kept prisoner and falling in love with your keeper as a way of making the experience not feel so bad. 

I believe that the reason we have a premature ejaculation epidemic—75% of men come within three minutes of intercourse—is that men are dissociated from their sexual organs. 

And how could you not be? When one of the biggest and most formative experiences of your life is having your genitals cut off? On the first day of your life? 

In the interview with Brendan, we’ll discuss: 

  • How the foreskin is not some “inconsequential” part of the male anatomy. It actually has miles and miles of nerve endings.
  • How through the ages, circumcisions has been used as a cure-all for crazy things like…diarrhoea 
  • The common myths people have: oh, it’s for hygiene, babies don’t feel pain.
  • What does “foreskin restoration” mean and is it effective? 
  • How the foreskin itself is multi-orgasmic, capable of having all kinds of different orgasms, the way women can have G-Spot and cervical orgasms. 

After all that, there is hope. 

If you were injured at birth, there are techniques you can use to bring sensation, and connection back to your genitals. 

  1. Our Resurrect crystal elixir helps to heal sexual trauma, including circumcision. 
  2. Self-massage and partner lingam massage
  3. Conscious sexual energy practices to clear trauma and stagnation, such as those I teach in the Sexual Mastery for Men Salon

Listen now:

Listen on the go:

Sexual energy is potent, life-force energy.

Circumcision trauma can mutate its pure expression, putting shroud over its natural power.

In the Sexual Mastery for Men Salon, I show you techniques for how to heal from this procedure, and to unblock the energy flow that was cut.

Plus, I teach how to heal and deeper emotional levels, in addition to energetic and physical.

You can check this all out in my Sexual Mastery for Men Salon.

Learn how to build stamina and separate orgasm from ejaculation, how to open your woman and give her G-Spot orgasms and cervical orgasm and turn her into a truly well-fucked woman.

All this and more in the Sexual Mastery for Men Salon that is now open.

This is my 8-week online “how to live, love and f*ck” in a male body program that everyone ought to have.

Come one, come all! 

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16 thoughts on “Circumvent the Circumcision!

  1. Brilliant!! You’re the first sexuality expert I’ve ever come across who’s actually acknowledged the harm of circumcision. It truely is a sexual handicap for life. There’s so much more going on too!

    Did you know that the foreskin absorbs hormones in vaginal fluids like vasopressin and oxytocin that sends chemical signals to the brain, triggering a bonding response that makes him want to protect his mate? Fascinating hey?!

    Keep up the good work!

    1. That’s amazing! Would you please send me links to this? I’d love to read more. I totally believe it too. Thank you!

  2. Hi Kim,

    Love your work – but in Judaism it’s nothing whatsoever with denying sexual pleasure. It was Abraham’s covenant with God and the Jewish people.
    Rabbis aren’t prevented from having sex like Christian priests are.

    1. Dig deeper. It’s always been about denying sexual pleasure. Different reasons have been layered on top of that over the years, and woven into the religious and medical narrative, like the justification of doing it to “prevent diarrhoea”.

    2. I was born into a jewish family that followed its traditions and practices. Unfortunately that included my unsolicited mutilation (circumcision) at birth which eventually showed up as deep resentment against everything jewish and at times at my parents who except for unwillingly affecting my quality of life for ever have been good and caring. I wish my mother and father, my uncles, grandparents and those present and willing participants and clapping accomplices of my torture and mutilation could have heard my future feelings over my cries (I was told I cried a lot and over several days) at that “joyful” brit milah reunion. I am sure my parents did not want to forcefully and willingly handicap a perfectly healthy boy a week after being brought into this world, supposedly with love. My conclusion: Ignorance HURTS. Religion excuses can only hide the truth so long. Personally, I am still working on how to accept and make the most of what I have, instead of feeling sad for what I am missing. Married to a wonderful but at times painfully honest woman that had most previous partners being “intact males”, my own conclusion (and hers) is that this barbaric practice does indeed take away a huge amount of enjoyment for me and her and perhaps many other benefits that apparently I will never have, feel, give or receive by not having a foreskin. A couple of her very close female friends shared similar views, but in their cases they never brought it up with their husbands as they felt it would cause immense pain and sadness. Women if given a choice go for the intact penis. Its only natural and it works better, I am told. I think most women will not even touch the subject as it can devastate a relationship or even stop one from having a chance. The religion angle and justification makes it even more difficult to bring up as it contradicts a supposedly godly mandate. how convenient. I was lucky my wife of 20+ years picked me as her partner for life and wanted me to father her children, who obviously were not circumcised. Here is something no man wants to hear but if my marriage lasted this long through every storm and challenge it is because we can talk and listen and then we try to move forward and be grateful for what we have, but… she clearly told me that if she had a choice as to what equipment I was bringing to the table, her preference would have been clear. Intact. I guess my penis was not at her top of the list when she said “I do”. Not very comforting for me and at times it makes me wonder why jewish people work so hard to make money. I can just imagine those advocating in favor of circumcision now touting that it makes for highly successful men. As painful as this revelation might be for billions of men, I hope that eventually information and education stop this nonsense. In the meantime a barbaric religion that insists in branding newborns hoping to keep them jewish for life is not for me. I might “look and feel” jewish to women but that is not a good thing. I proudly now state that I am no longer jewish and the scars on my penis do not make me one. Just like holocaust survivors branded with tattoos forced on them, me having been unwillingly circumcised and now having a chance to tell the world that such action should not be forced on boys in the name of religion is perhaps what I hope will help future generations be happier lives while I try to make the best of mine. I have let my own children choose their faith, hoping that my experience will keep them away from a religion that will harm their children (my grandchildren) and hunt them for life if their kids (boy or girl) eventually get to have a frank talk with them. My parents when confronted with information and my feelings simply went into denial. I can’t blame them and also feel sorry for them as the enormity of this revelation and how it affected their son who they always expressed was the most important thing in their lives was too much to process. It brings a contradiction between their intentions and their actions and as a son it feels like anything but love. It is true that love can heal and make this a better world. Let’s start showing it by keeping future penises intact in the name of LOVE.

      Thank you Kim for having the guts to bring this topic into your popular platform. Feel free to share my experience with the other 7.5 billion people in the world.

      1. So much respect for that Drew. It’s hard to acknowledge the trauma of genital mutilation, too hard for most. what happens to social groups that inflict this on babies is a type of trauma based mind control where the participants (all present) are bound together by collective guilt and the associated shame of their inaction. It damages us all and undermines maternal instincts to protect children.

        There are many Jews who are starting to speak up about what is and isn’t sacred in Judaism, they are reclaiming their religion from the psychopaths. Traditional music, family gatherings, friends, shared histories, food, dancing are all integral and sacred – hurting babies isn’t sacred.

        I want you to know that I found your testimony to be overwhelmingly powerful and great. I believe that Your experience and courage to speak out can change the world..


      2. Thank YOU for sharing your experience and insight, and most of all, for daring to change the paradigm and create a whole new world for your lineage. I do believe this trauma can be healed and shifted, but yes, ideally, it doesn’t happen in the first place. It takes courage to share your feelings when most people try to brush this off as something trivial.

        The irony is that if this act was performed on an adult without their consent, if they were tied up and it was forced upon them, it would have a very different name, and it would also carry jail time.

  3. Kim:
    You need to figure out how to translate this much needed circumcision talk into Spanish for example (or point people to tools that might translate it into other languages). Great work. Circumcision hurts. Truth hurts.

    1. Thank you! Great idea.

      Yes, the truth hurts, in this case. It’s such a massive thing to realize, that most people can’t even go there.

  4. This is CRITICAL information that needs to be shared with the world. As a sexuality counselor I did not know many of these details. SO grateful for this!!!

      1. Thank you so much for helping to educate all of us, so that we can help teach others…and learn how to help ourselves and others heal from the wounds…