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How Does an Orgasm Change Your Life?

The big question I ask: Is sex a life-changing, rejuvenating, transformative and deeply pleasurable experience for you?

If not, you are doing it wrong.  

I say this without judgment.

It’s only to say that sex is meant to change your life and create new life.

If you aren’t using it for that purpose, you are missing out.

An orgasm contains your very life force.

In men, an ejaculation literally contains it.

Your sexual energy is a condensed blueprint of your reproductive potentially.

Genetically, creatively.

When people dissociate sexually—as most people do, because we live in a culture that continually reinforces that dissociation—they cut off from this knowingness.

The knowingness that sex is powerful and profound.

That it can make new life.

If you aren’t making babies with your sexual energy, you can tap into that force to channel your creative and life potential into the world.

And just like any kind of energy, if you aren’t using it consciously and tapping into its full potential, it will invert on you.

Meaning, all the creative power will implode and become destructive within you.

This is what leads to reproductive ailments such as tumors, growths and pain.

It’s all stuck sexual energy.

PMS, painful menopause, impotency, premature ejaculation, prostate issues.

All of these things mean that your sexual energy is stagnant.

It needs to be flowing and moving.

You might even have frequent sex, and still manifest these issues.

This is where the dissociation comes in.

Or, another way of looking at it is the concept I refer to of gourmet sex vs. junk-food sex.

One kind is adding and building to your system.

The other is depleting it.

So you could still be having lots of sex, but you are doing it in a way that is dissociated, where you aren’t fully inhabiting your body or your being.

And therefore no one else can either.

The way that you tap into your sexual energy is through:

1) Owning it.

Valuing sex as a necessary, vital and key part of your life and relationship—to your self and/or a partner.

You don’t need to be in a sexual relationship to harness your sexual energy. It’s amplified in a relationship, but you can still be very sexually connected as a single person.

Owning it means that you consciously accept that sex is important and you prioritize it in your life. You make time for it. You schedule in sex dates with your partner and yourself. You leave a social setting early to go home and have sex.

It’s a non-negotiable.

2) Doing the inner work.

Since sexual energy is natural, innate and the core of who we are, being sexual is part of who we are. I’ve written before about the idea of us all being natural-born lovers.

The things that impair this natural-ness are social conditioning and internalized blocks. The beliefs we inherit from our parents (who inherited them from their parents…)

Your “work” is to hunt down these demons and clear and heal them.

Just like the running shoes that are responsible for the bulk of running injuries, the unnatural blocks we pick up interfere with our free sexual flow. Make no mistake, you have to do the grunt work of tossing off the running shoes, re-training your feet to move without them. And then you can feel your full speed, power and agility.


3) Constant learning.

You don’t know what you don’t know. Most people’s sex education stops at: “Sex will kill you and sex will get you pregnant.” No one is really taught how to have sex and create healthy, powerful relationships.

We end up stumbling through and having to figure it out on our own.

Just like your career, or any skill you wish to gain mastery over, you have to study. You have to put in the time to learn, hone and refine your skills.

10,000 orgasmic hours, here you come.

This is why I’ve created my online salons. So you can get the sex education you’ve never had.

My signature salon is How to Be a Well-F**ked Woman. This game-changing salon begins next August and you can sign up for a free video preview series to whet your appetite.

In the series, I give you techniques that you can use tonight to revolutionize your sex life. These alone, just from this video series, have brought women to orgasm period, and deeper orgasm and gotten them high from sex.

And changed their lives.



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