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How to Handle Crippling Anxiety

Anxiety is stuck energy.

It’s decisions you haven’t made, actions you haven’t taken.

It’s all the stuff hanging in the ethers that you haven’t dealt with.

It feeds on inertia.

The more still you stay, the more anxiety builds.

It gnaws a pit in your stomach.

You get jittery.

When I feel the rumblings of anxiety coming on, I do an inventory.

I’ll see that there are a number of things I am putting off dealing with.

Oddly, I make big decisions easily.

Should we put everything we own into storage and move to another country for two years? Yeah! Let’s do it!

Which day should I have the firewood delivered? Thursday? Friday? Tuesday?

It’s the little decisions that trip me up.

When I feel anxiety kicking in, I know I’ve been hanging in limbo too long.

The anxiety is a sign to clear space.

First things first:

1) Have an orgasm. As I’ve said, this is one of the best ways to kickstart stuck energy. In fact, dormant sexual energy can be a big factor in life stagnancy.

The oxytocin released at orgasm will also wipe out your cortisol levels—our major stress hormone. Oxytocin also leaves you feeling content, sociable and relaxed.

Plus, orgasm resets your autonomic nervous system. Which is like rebooting your internal computer. It wipes away the vestiges of your false, superimposed parts, and reconnects you to your core.

Especially the bigger, vaginal orgasms.

So go on. Have another.

2) Get physical. Just get moving. Get your body going. You’ll change your neurotransmitter expression and you’ll FEEL differently.

Over the years, I’ve learned which physical activities give me certain mood boosts.

Yoga builds GABA, which is an anxiety-relieving neurotransmitter.

Weight training is good for dopamine—the cocaine high, the high that makes you want to go out and DO THINGS.

I think this is mainly why I went to the gym for ten solid years. I love me my dopamine.

3) Make decisions. List out all the things you have been procrastinating about and take action. Set up that appointment. Pick the date.

Keeping yourself in limbo is a massive energy drain. Anxiety is your system’s way of telling you to get on with it.

Commit and don’t look back.

Just plow ahead and get that shit done.

4) Remember that anxiety is one step away from excitement.

Literally, one step.

The difference between anxiety and excitement is the taking action part. Once you get in motion, the anxiety gets converted into butterflies, into fuel.

It propels you.

Go on. Do the first thing on your list.

Which might be an orgasm.


Image: Sølve Sundsbø

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