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Kim Anami Apology Video

The best apology video ever made.

There was quite a kerfuffle a few weeks back around a viral video I released called Kung Fu Vagina: The Musical.

I wanted to take this opportunity to let anyone who was offended by the video know that I’ve thought long and hard about all of this and here is what I have to say.



You can watch the original video Kung Fu Vagina: The Musical here.


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68 thoughts on “Kim Anami Apology Video

  1. Excellent response to the haters of the Kung Fu Vagina the Musical video. I pity them to a point, then they just become annoying.

  2. That’s great Kim! Good for you to stand up for your video. It was a good video. Fun. There really is a psychology behind “complaints” and “armchair critics.” As well, it is trendy today to be offended and outraged. Yet these people who criticize pretty much everything-have probably never been outraged in their lives. Anytime I see or hear someone say something negative-and it is unnecessary……I think hmmmm you are not getting banged. Or you are not happy with your life, so you try to drag others down by criticizing or complaining. So good for you!

  3. Your all wonderful and beautiful I truly mean that just keep doing what your doin love love all the insights and knowledge so right on the money honey

  4. Just was watching the apology video nice to see free speech for a change and the fact that Kim really doesn’t give a fuck about these whining Bitches is priceless!

  5. Thank you for your “APOLOGY” BTW, another way to say, “Go Fuck Yourself” is, “I will take that under advisement” You and your team are AWSOME!!! Keep up the excellent Kung Fu Vagina/Orgasm mission!!!

  6. Kim, I just want to say you are AWESOME!!! Thank you for standing up for our vaginas and free speech! You are a forward-thinker and leader! Thank you for putting up with all this bullshit in the name of truth and liberation! I love you and will take your salons as soon as I can save enough money! Keep rockin’ your mind and body and for loving us so hard!!!

  7. Guys this is not funny at all! Kim you know you offended a lot of people right?…. Hahahahaaha the UNDER FUCKED. I actually read one those articles and I couldn’t believe my eyes no, my Super Cock! These articles are so engineered. Man Kim you’re the queen—you know that. The Well Fucked Queen. Best apology Ever. Love your truth and energy.

  8. Fuck yes! Round of applause for you and your vagina coming from Canada!!! I love how bold you are and unashamed! You are 100% right all the snowflakes offended by this gorgeous video are clearly under fucked and just looking for something to complain about!

    Keep it up! You are #winning !!!!!

  9. Your work is epic sister! Love your strength in your conviction, epic media productions and of course your vagina!

  10. Outstanding response.
    Let the haters go f### themselves.
    Sounds like a great program you’re running.
    My (then) wife and I stumbled on these principles early in our marriage and had a great sex life that held us together thru some time times.
    I’ve often quipped how I should run a course for blokes learning staypower & multi-orgasm techniques.
    I’d encourage all women to get onboard…
    Go Kim

  11. Yes!!!

    So glad to see you not give in to these wankers.
    It’s rare to see someone actually push back, but much needed.

  12. Really?!
    Did anybody get offended while viewing this!?
    I am offended by that! 😉

    Crazy world.
    Such a great video, and you all seem to have loads of fun doing it.
    I really enjoyed watching it.

  13. Amazing Kim!!! Thank you for standing up for COMMON SENSE and freedom! You are a warrior for free expression in all areas,… a true hero!!

  14. I applaud you.
    Great apologetic video.
    Thank you for sticking up for our rights to free speech.
    Thank you for not backing down.
    And thank you for all the sexual enlightenment.
    Please keep it up!

  15. This took lady balls! Well done not bowing down to the woke orc brigade and staying in your truth. I laughed so hard at this!

  16. Bravo Kim!
    Thank you for publicly standing up to the woke jokes! (Though no joke it is). That takes balls and ovaries of steel…!
    Love the “underfucked orcs… jerking off to the sound of their own whining!”

    I’m reading a lot to try to understand
    the entire “social justice” movement at present, coming from post modernism to where we are now and it sucks! A lot to know and grotesque and miserable to even have to read – the opposite of truth and the spiritually uplifting that you offer!
    (The Dr Seuss thing put me right over the edge!!)

    Love your work as always,


    SOOO FUNNY!!!!!! BA AH HA HA. I can t stop laughing. Both of the videos belong in a museum…. Perfect!!!!

    LOVE YOU…. And fuck the hates!!!!!



    I can stop thinking how representational this is to our times. People our out of their fucking minds.

  18. Omg Kim thank you for sharing. I had not seen the original video. It is fucken brilliant, sexy as hell and HILARIOUS. Stirred up all sorts of great things in me, roaring, singing, dancing and laughter absolutely amazing work of art that stirred up my soul!! In no way found the humour/images offensive. WTF.

    Actually the very opposite…I loved how you beautifully incorporated so many sexy, beautiful delicious baddass women reclaiming their power. I felt empowered just watching the video can’t get the tune out of my head.

    Your apology…brilliant had me on the floor.I applaude you!! What a mic drop moment!

  19. You’re awesome! Thanks for being sane amongst the insanity of a ton of the world.

    I loved the video of baddassery women btw!

    Thanks for keepin’ it real!

  20. OMG! I saw these comments about it and was like ‘are you fucking kidding!?!’

    This is the best response EVER.

  21. Kim!!! YES!!!!!
    Jerking off to the sound of their own whining!
    Amen!!! Just laughed so hard!!!
    With appreciation for your precise naming of truth.

  22. Fan-fucking-tastic! I hadn’t see the Kung Fu Vagina video but thanks to this email, I had the pleasure of watching it and your epic “fuck you” apology. Snowflakes.

  23. The video is absolutely epic, Kim, and so are you!!!! I can’t believe the degree of ignorance out there, and to what great length people go to avoid giving up the lies they’ve been fed. Such tragedy. So MORE POWER TO YOU and all the badass women who are not afraid to love and lust and laugh.

  24. I LOVE it!! Did you put your apology video on Twitter? Hopefully it triggered all of the woketards and made them lose their minds, like they did with your original video (I read a couple articles that had peoples reactions).

    BTW, I can’t believe how many “spiritual leaders” like Marianne Williamson, whom I used to really like and somewhat follow, have gone FULL woke and are in the covid-1984 cult!!

  25. Kim!!!!

    Your Kung fu vagina musical was fucking EPIC! Seriously beautiful, sensual, fun, inspiring, funny, brilliant and hot!

    I hadn’t seen it until you sent the apology email, and I was so inspired I want to sign up for VKF!

    Fucking brilliant girlfriend!! As was your apology. Gettem’!

    You are my hero. Seriously.

  26. “Jerk each other off to the sound of their own whining”. I am going to have to use that!!! I love you and all you stand for! Thank you for helping me fall in love with my vagina and not give one flying fuck!!! I do have much compassion for the under-fucked the have no clue what they are missing!

    YOU ARE “THE” GODDESS!!! and you are changing the world one vagina at a time. Mine included!

    Thank you for standing up for us! You empower us all!

  27. Yesssss!!!!

    Haters beware of the well-fucked queen.

    I admire you so much for your courage and well groundedness in spreading your wildfire light into the world.

  28. Thank you for standing for truth, free speech, anti-hate and common sense. Thank you for standing up to bullies and bringing these subjects to light as well as all the beautiful life giving work you do in the field of sexual health.

  29. I just wanted to say WOW!! I didn’t know such a creative genius music video like Vaginal Kung Fu could actually offend people!! WHAT THE FUUUUCK. Society some how continues to amaze me with how angry and personally offended they can become by some one else’s art! And your apology video, equally genius!! Thank you for walking your talk Kim and standing by your truth. Remember, there is more of us out there who are in alignment with you than not. Haters gonna hate right ?!!

  30. Great video and apology. Fully support you, free speech, freedom and anti-hate. Fan for life. Thank you for being a strong woman I can relate to and helping others along their path.

  31. LOVED your apology video! I’ve only just stumbled upon your amazing podcast the last couple of weeks and me and my husband are getting in to tantric mediation/sex – we will be purchasing one of your salon guides as soon as possible. Anyway, writing to say I didn’t think I could love you anymore already, but after watching your video, it turns out I can!

    Best apology ever, I bet the underfucked orcs loved it too!!

    Keep up the amazing work you wonderful woman! Xxxx

  32. Love you Kim and your team! You stand up for free speech, freedom, healing, love, and our right to sexual enlightenment. I know where I stand right to express truth. Thank you for all you do. You have helped me heal/connect to my body from past traumas.

  33. Awesome! So relieved your apology was what it was. So many bitches out there get there feelings hurt over something so fun. Such a shame where this world is headed. Not enough good Fucking going on. Love what u do thanks

  34. I love you, love your work, and recommend you regularly because you’re awesome! Keep doing your thing, you’re making the world a more well fucked place (and thank fuck for that!).

  35. More please! So over all these people who don’t know how to just shut their traps and move on if something doesn’t resonate. The whole world is descending into juvenile lunacy. Grow up ladies! We’ll be over here running the world and having a good fucking time.

    1. Kim, You are bad ass. I always knew I really liked you but now my love is confirmed. Thank you for your Kung fu vagina video and ESPECIALLY for your apology video. Thanks for the bravery and support of free speech!!!!

  36. Fabulous!! You, your Truth, the Love you spread, the medicine you preach, and this well-crafted response to an awfulness that’s sadly becoming more aggressive in this world. As a long-time devotee & student of your work, know there’s yet another soul spreading & sharing the Truth & messages you share. Your resilience & humour are infectious! Thank you!

  37. I cannot express how glad and grateful I am by your apology video!!! I’m so relieved that you stand up to the cancel culture. I actually yelled YES as you revealed your true thoughts!! You’re doing the Lord’s work Kim, great job!