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The Come Diet Body (the key to a f**kable physique)

I’m 44. I look after myself. I’m very happy with my body.

Yes, I eat well and I exercise regularly.

But I attribute most of my physical svelte-ness to The Come Diet.

The Come Diet is a revolutionary new diet craze that is sweeping the nation.

Kitchen (counters) and beds all over the world are discovering the benefits of this ancient health regime.

What is it, you ask?

What is involved with this incredible Come Diet?


1) Ingesting ejaculate.

Those of you who know me, know that I love to eat and absorb come. It’s my daily (and sometimes 10 times a day) multi-vitamin and mood-boosting superfood.

It makes me smarter, more creative, energized and happy. Male ejaculate is a scientifically (I can’t use that word without using air quotes) proven anti-depressant.

I would wager that female ejaculate is too, and I’m sure science will catch up with the cultures of old eventually, who revered it as medicine and a potent elixir.

I often say that oral sex and the ingesting of your partner’s fluids is the great barometer of how much you truly let them inside of you. Do you want to taste every inch of them? Do you fully absorb all of who they are?

The desire to do this physically, that their fluids, their sweat and come, is like manna from heaven, is the metaphorical proof that you’ve transcended barriers.

You’ve opened. Deeply.

2) The glow of well-f**ked love. 

You know how I talk about the phenomenon of the well-f**ked woman; how when a woman is well-loved and well-f**ked she needs both to really glow she emanates a radiance, a magnetism that is sooooo attractive.

So do men.

The well-f**ked couple becomes superhuman.

This well-loved and f**ked energy is like ambrosia the food of the gods. It literally imbues people with a charisma and magnetism that is unrivalled. These are the people who everyone wants to be around (and to f**k) because they are so open and delicious.

3) The ultimate body shaper.

A number of years ago, after going on an epic six-day sex date with my lover for the record, this was six days devoted to lots and lots of sex. Sleepless nights and hours during the day spent in bed and entwined with each other I returned home and my body was different.

Even though, yes, there had been lots of sexercise and a bit of yoga thrown in, it was sculpted in a way that it hadn’t been, despite times in my life when I’d had the most intense gym regimens or the like.

It was supple and gorgeous. Everywhere. My breasts were alive, my belly and legs and ass had a tone to them that I’d never seen before.

It wasn’t physical activity that had done this.

It was something from deep within that was coming out.

The core of me had been seen, loved, cherished and was oozing out of my pores.

This phenomenon was morphing the shape of my face and my body.

Making them more beautiful.

People were commenting on the change and I could see it. As though my body and psyche had found their truest home, met their most profound match, and were expressing as deeply and as purely as they ever had.

I was coming out.


The Come Diet is about what happens when you are penetrated, loved, and f**ked so deeply, that you wear your truth.

You can’t help it or control it.

The soul you are just shines through and is unstoppable with happiness, and feeling right with the world.

Perfect in your own skin.

This is the superpower that deep, sexual love gives you.

The power of your own self. You self-actualized.

You feel it.

And you see it.

And everyone around you can feel it and see it too.

Coming Together Couples Salon.

hot public sex

Coming Together is everything it’s cracked up to be.

That overwhelming feeling of being so in sync, so deeply connected that not only do your orgasms fall into place, but so do your whole lives.

You feel carried by the flow of the universe.

You trust the benevolence in life.

To penetrate you and give you everything it’s got.

It takes some effort to get there.

I can show you how in the Coming Together Salon.

Tools and techniques to open your heart, legs and entire life.

P.S. For all you Tantra aficionados who decry the relentless spilling of seed, there is a way to still spill and retain your energy.

I spill it all in the upcoming salon.

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