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The Sexiest Valentine Gift Ever

Depth is sexy.

Whether it’s depth in your throat. Your vagina. Your heart.

Or best yet, all of the above.

As we near another Valentine’s Day, it’s important to remember what’s important.

It’s not going here:

choco dinner

It’s not buying this:

vday choco

In fact, these are probably the least inventive, least original gifts you can give someone to express your love and desire.

What those “gifts” really say is: “I knew I had to get you something or you’d be mad” or “It/you completely slipped my mind.”

They are superficial gifts. Nothing really out of the ordinary. (Jean-Georges may be out of the ordinary, but going out for dinner isn’t).

To clarify, I’m not big on name-brand holidays. In my family we really don’t celebrate them, but instead make a habit of being generous and present throughout the year.

You can have fun with these occasions though.

You can have orgasms too.

I suggest:

1) Plan a very special sex date. As you know, sex dates don’t include dinner (unless you are gearing up for a night of marathon sex, then by all means, include dinner).

Here are some suggestions I tried out on a TV host a couple of years ago, which pre-date 50 Shades of Grey:

Women, you can turn the tables on your lover and you take charge.

2) Gift some sexual accessories as part of your sex date. A few of my favourites are in this previous post on sexy Valentine’s gifts.

earl by lelo

3) The best gift I can suggest for you is my Coming Together: Lifelong Passionate Sex for Couples e-salon. It drops tomorrow—just in time for V-Day.

You can watch a prelude of what’s to come here:

The salon will be unveiled tomorrow.

We’ll explore sexual depth, emotional depth and spiritual depth.

You’ll have all your bases covered.

~ Kx

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