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Vagina Can Save Your Life!

Vaginas are all-powerful. 

They give life and sometimes they take life.

But mostly they give it.

When a woman is in control of her vagina and her sexual energy, she has tapped into one of the most powerful energy sources available to us on the planet.

For the record, the most powerful would be love.

When you put them both together, miracles happen.

More on that later, but for now, back to super pussies.

One of the best things about vaginas is their alchemical potential: their ability to transform the base into gold.

You can bring stress to a vagina and turn it into calm, anger into contentment and stagnancy into action.

You can use the power of your sexual energy to blast through your blocks—both in your relationship and in your life at large.

When your partner has a hard day at work, invite him to unleash that into your vagina.

You can take it.

Not only can you take it, you can transform it.

And change you both.

You can metamorphose all of your negative qualities and energies and turn them into strengths.

The ways a woman can truly tap into her vagina as an alchemical crucible are:

1) She is strong, like vagina.

Vaginas need exercise too. Just like all of your other body parts, if you don’t work it out regularly with a good exercise routine (and don’t waste your time with Kegels, because they don’t work), it will atrophy.

Vaginas are meant to be uber-sensitive and convey vital information, like a second brain or heart.

They are wise and intuitive.

Yes, truly.

When vaginas are weak, they don’t do their job. They give less or no pleasure, you can’t tune into their power and they are a dissociated body part.

After strengthening their vaginas through their work with me, many women come to me and express how they now made better decisions about men, work and money.

Their vaginas were literally guiding them.

Compass vaginas.

2) She owns her sexuality.

I’ve said before and often, that we are all natural born lovers,. Meaning, that our sexual energy is natural, innate and a huge part of who we are.

The problem is running shoes all the blocks that are superimposed on a woman’s sexuality.

And unfortunately, there are more for women than men. It’s enough to be a human being and try to assert and live your sexuality.

It’s twice as challenging for a woman.

Women have less permission to be openly sexual than men.

Women have to overcome their own—and societal—restrictions on their orgasms.

If a woman (or anyone) doesn’t do the conscious work to overcome the barriers that are placed upon her unbridled sexual expression, she’ll always be operating at a deficiency.

You don’t need to have sustained some kind of heavy trauma to have sexual blocks.

Simply growing up in our modern-day, sexually bipolar—sex is everywhere but you’re not allowed to have it and enjoy it—climate is enough to f**k us all up.

You need to do the work.

Anyone I know who is what I call “sexually self-actualized” has done the work.

And it is a constant work in progress.

For all of us. Including me.

Once you get your sexual energy flowing properly in your life, it uplifts everything from your income to your attractiveness.

3) Using sex consciously as a vehicle for growth.

I often talk about the difference between junk-food and gourmet sex.

One gives you a quick high, followed by a loss of energy

The other feeds you and builds you into a better person.

Your sex life, as I said earlier, is the place where you can rebirth yourself.

But it takes courage.

You have to add deep surrender into the mix with sex.

When you do that, you have the formula for gold.

To access the healing power of sexual love requires that you blend emotional openness with sexual energy.

This is what takes sex into the realm of the gourmet and the life-changing.

An open heart and an open vagina.


To implement all of these aspects takes focus and commitment.

You need to hunt down your demons.

The end result is hard won because the rewards are so immense.


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