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Wilder, Darker, Deeper

Your woman wants your wild side.

Or rather, your wildness, inside her. 

We’ve been talking about the things that open women.

What can you do as a man to make your woman feel safe?

Or to arouse her so intensely that she can only succumb?

I’ve addressed the art of multi-dimensional penetration and the importance of stamina.

Now we want you harder.

And wilder.

What makes a woman feel safe isn’t so much your softness.

It’s your strength.

On an instinctual, physical level, sure, it’s the feeling that you could protect her.

Beyond that, it’s knowing that if she falls, you will catch her.

The only way she can really surrender and open to you, is if she knows that you can handle whatever comes out of her: tears, screams, her hardest edges and her most vulnerable ones.

When you are truly in yourself, in your most primal, masculine, uncensored self, she trusts you more.

Because that’s you being in your core.

When your woman is emotionally erratic—crying, shrieking, yelling—often the best thing you can do is pick her up, throw her over your shoulder, and carry her into bed.

And throw her on it.

Ravish her.

Usually, her outcries are little more than a signal she is undersexed.

Or not feeling seen.

Yes, there may be a genuine “story” beneath the shrieking. But even deeper, she wants your firm, firm presence.

That’s going to provide more balm, more loosening, than anything you could say.

When she feels your hands grasping her ass, and your stubbly face grinding into her neck, she is more likely to relent.

When she feels you pin her arms up over her head and flatten her body with your weight, she’s more likely to soften.

Than if you keep asking her “What’s wrong?”


In fact, an exchange like that ought to be your secret code that it’s time to rip her clothes off and slam her up against the wall.

As a man, unless you have practices that keep you connected to your wild energy (building things, being outside, surviving in the wilderness), I suggest you use your bed as the arena for reconnecting to your edge.

You can express your savagery.

You can tap into your dominance.

The primal heals us.

The primal is what’s left after we pull off all the layers of conditioning.

We’re so cordoned off from our “uncivilized” parts in modern society that we’ve lost touch with our essences.

Especially men.

This is the reason why 70 million women are masturbating to 50 Shades of Grey.

Because the “hero” in the book likes it rough.

He’s not afraid to take what he wants.

Secretly, deep down, women are craving that in a man.

No woman wants her man to cower before her. Or to constantly ask her what she wants.

Usually, it doesn’t even matter what you do, or what decision you make. What matters is that you do it with confidence.

You own it.

When your woman feels that, her heart will open.

And her legs will open.

We want you solid in your intention.

And your erection.

So bring it on.


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