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5 Ways to Sexually Open a Woman (and Keep Her Open)

You’ve all heard the phrase: “Behind every good man is a woman.”  

Well, behind every good woman is a man, on his knees, ferociously thrusting and giving her everything he’s got.

It makes her a better woman.

And she in turn makes him a better man.

When I hear a man complaining about his clingy, bitchy partner, all that tells me is that he isn’t fucking her enough.

The fucking needs to be thorough, artful and heart-ful.

Otherwise, the woman will show signs of FUKME.

And everyone will suffer.

Here are five things a guy can do that will eradicate FUKME in the woman:

1) F*ck her frequently.

If I had to give you an honest answer about how often is ideal, i’d say twice a day: morning and evening: The Sex Prayer.

That’s my ideal, anyway, and I like the concept of the morning and evening rejuvenation.

A constant source of nourishment.

Like food.

You connect to start out the day, revitalizing each other. And you reconnect in the evening to soothe after the long day and send you into the dream state with serenity.

I know that might seem like a lot for some people.

Find what works for you.

Though it’s probably more than what you think.

And, before you go telling me that you have work, children and chores and “Who has the time?” let me tell you about a couple who recently came to one of my retreats.

They have five children, both work at extremely high-powered jobs (he is a CEO and she is also high-ranking corporate) and


I do not accept your excuses.

2) F*ck her for long enough.

How long is long enough?

I personally like the long, all-night or at-least-several-hours haul, but shorter sessions have their place too.

Especially if you are having frequent sex (see above), then shorter sessions are perfectly acceptable.

For women to reach the deeper levels of vaginal orgasms, they need extended intercourse. A minimum of 15 minutes, and ideally up to 30 or 45.

You’ve heard me address repeatedly how vaginal orgasms are where it’s at.

These are the orgasms that truly lead a woman into well-f**ked territory.

This is the territory where she gives back to you tenfold and truly becomes the good woman behind the man.

It’s worth putting in the time to get her there.

Learn how to build your stamina in this video. 

3) F*ck her with heart.

Anyone can move their hips up and down and come in 60 seconds.

If you want to open your woman so she becomes the being who supports you in your life, gives to you unconditionally and energizes rather than depletes you, you need to fuck her with heart.

If you fuck her unconsciously, with your only goal your own orgasm, she’ll build up resentment towards you and that will eat at your relationship.

It will show up in nagging, depression, and sarcastic comments.

Because she doesn’t feel loved.

You need to love her with your cock and your heart.

Ideally at the same time.

Look into her eyes and adore her as you fuck her.

Penetrate her core with your cock.

You can fuck her fast and furious, so long as your heart is in the game.

She’ll feel it.

4) Keep the sexual simmer going in-between sex. 

It’s so crucial as a man to understand that once a woman opens to you in deep sex—her heart is open, her vagina is open—you need to show that you are there to catch her as she falls.

Even if you’ve been together for a long time. hopefully you are hitting new sexual peaks all the time, and new levels of vulnerability.

So this is still a necessary thing.

The best thing you can do as a man to nurture this growth is to let your woman know you are there. Text her. Email her. Tell her you love her and how beautiful she is. Tell her how much she means to you.

She’ll feel safe to remain open and the crazy, amazing places you get to during cataclysmic sex will build upon each other, strengthening your relationship over time.

5) Build the simmer during sex—otherwise known as foreplay.

I saw a brilliant headline the other day: “Most women fake orgasms because most men fake foreplay.”

There is a saying in old Taoist sexual writings: Sexually speaking, men are like fire: quick to ignite and quick to extinguish. Women, on the other hand, are like water: slow to boil but they keep on boiling.

The key is for men to be able to last long enough to get a woman to boiling.

Not only is foreplay touching other parts of the body besides the breasts or vagina, it’s even about tossing out a few smaller orgasms before going for the bigger, deeper ones.

In an ideal sex session, a woman has at least a few orgasms.

And in the land of not just having quick, easy orgasms but orgasms that are full-body ecstasy and change your life, we have a different approach here.

Read The Ultimate Foreplay Guide here. 

We want both of your orgasms to energize you, connect you and be the source of your nourishment.

And, like any gourmet meal, that takes some cultivation.


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