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Lead Like a Woman

How can you be a modern and feminine woman? Can you be career-driven and still be in your feminine power? A yang in the streets and a yin in the sheets…?

Many women feel like, in order to lead a team, run a company, get things done, get people to respect you, succeed in the business world…you have to put on a suit and “man up.” Put on your armor! Thrust the spear! Never crack. Never let anyone see you crying, smiling, having emotions.

We’re told you need to inhabit major masculine energy.

Is this actually true?

When women spend years operating in this hyper-masculine way, it is exhausting.

They develop health issues. Burn out. Adrenal fatigue. It spills into their personal and sexual life: Dry pussy. Libido plummets. Relationship problems. Something feels “off” in the bedroom.

I’ve worked with so many women who’ve been in this hyper-masculine space.

When they shift back into a more feminine way of living, working, leading, making love… everything changes.

The question is:

How can you be a modern and feminine woman? How can you be career woman but still be feminine in a relationship? Is it possible to be a yang in the streets and a yin in the sheets…?

Or something like that. 🙂

In this week’s podcast, we’ll talk about a new way of running your universe and empire—by occupying your feminine energy.

And how it’s even more powerful than trying to force yourself to be something you are not.

We’ll also look at two major female public figures and compare how each of them presents in the world: one shining in her feminine power and the other operating from an outdated “gotta be a man in a man’s world” perspective, and what it cost her.

Listen now.

Or download and listen on the go:

~K xx

Show notes and highlights:

0:49 Is it possible to become a powerful career woman without embodying the masculine?

Today’s society would have you believe that it’s not, but au contraire, learning how to embrace the feminine could be an untapped resource and key to your success in the modern world.

1:06 I believe in the existence (shocker!) of female and male sexes and all of us have both feminine and masculine archetypal energy within.

While both men and women may identify with the energy opposite of their sex, in this show we will address what happens to women when they take on more masculine qualities because they feel they have to in order to get things done.

2:35 Femininity wasn’t something I always understood.

Growing up surrounded by housewives, that was the only expression of being a woman I was exposed to, so naturally I thought I had to take on masculine qualities if I wanted to do anything of my life.

Through my own self-discovery I came to realize that wasn’t the case at all—only when I came into my feminine side did I blossom.

5:17 How does it affect women to operate from a hyper-masculine level?

One of the major reasons women are attracted to my work is because they have become exhausted from living in their masculine and ignoring their feminine side.

Others don’t even realize that’s how they’ve been operating at all.

Wherever they are on the spectrum, helping them to learn how to own their femininity and experience the riches that come is a major breakthrough and learning that many women have in my salons. 

6:01 Femininity should not be confused with being passive or taking whatever comes.

Perhaps one of the biggest misunderstandings about it is that it’s a different form of strength. Going with the flow may be a part of becoming more feminine, but it doesn’t mean you take all that life throws at you lying down.

7:10 Learning how to surrender is not only a spiritual and sexual idea, but the essence of the feminine.

In spiritual circles surrender is talked about as a way to shed false layers to become who you really are, and it’s also vital to have great sex.

Surrender and femininity are both about learning how to let go and go with the flow, and it’s when you learn to do this that you’re able to experience the deeper, life-changing orgasms.

9:19 Here you’ll learn the story of a past salon member of mine who is a successful female lawyer and how her journey into the feminine actually improved her business.

11:55 Political discussions aside, let’s examine the differences between Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama, their approach to the feminine and how it’s affected their lives.

In other words, why do people like Michelle Obama and not Hillary Clinton?

15:18 If you’ve been operating from your masculine, how can you make the shift?

Say all that we’ve talked about resonates and you feel you’d like to tap into your feminine side. For a complete guide you can join me for my Well-F**ked Woman salon, but learn some of the ways I nourish that part of myself.

16:19 The better emotional, spiritual and physical state I’m in, the more successful I become and the less effort it takes, even though I still put in hours of work. 

You can’t expect to be able to output so much energy to your work, creative projects, partner or children if you haven’t filled yourself up first. I consider my own self-care to be a major part of my job! I nurture my own feminine self and energy as a way to magnetize things to me in the world, and I don’t have to “work” so hard. 

17:20 There’s a reason why I’m so drawn to surfing. 

Is there a better expression of femininity than the ocean itself? 

When I’ve gone out for a surf I come back so in my flow from riding the waves and not having to think I’m able to come back to my work raring to go.

18:20 If you’d like to learn more about embracing your feminine side so that you can follow your truth and manifest your dream life join me for the next round of The Well-F**ked Woman.

This is my signature eight-week course for women where we delve deep into this subject and I will help you to learn how to inhabit your own femininity as a form of power in your life.



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