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V-Day Advice

Please just f**k the shit out of your girlfriend instead.

Every Valentine’s Day you’ll see the same thing: a long line up of men, late in the afternoon, all over town, scrambling to buy flowers and chocolates for their lovers.  

Guess who is NOT having sex tonight? 

Here is my V-Day, advice: 

We may as well call it Vagina Day, because it’s generally the vaginas in the relationship that are typically expecting some kind of grand gesture on this day.

I’ll tell you what a grand gesture is NOT: 

It is NOT: 

  • flowers 
  • chocolate 
  • dinner 

A grand gesture, would be a three hour fuckfest, where you took it upon yourself to give your woman a plethora of orgasms. 

And by plethora, I mean three or more. 

Good things come in threes. 🙂 

The only thing a woman really wants, is to be cracked open. 

Emotionally and sexually. 

Where you obliterate the fuck out of her with your heart and your cock. 

Where you bombard her with so much love and passion, that she is shattered. 

Her defenses break down, and she collapses into a wild mess of softness and vulnerability. 

That’s your job, and that’s the only gift in town: 

Fucking her open. 

In this episode, we’ll talk how to open your woman sexually and emotionally. 

And basically fuck the shit out of her. 

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