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The Sex Weekend

Imagine a whole weekend that’s all about…sex.

With a partner. Or by yourself. No digital screens. No alarm clocks. Unplug. Shut out the distractions of the busy, noisy world. Massage. Soak in a tub. Swim in the ocean. Meditate. Have sex multiple times a day.

With a sex weekend, the goal is that…the sex is the primary focus.

In this week’s video, we discuss the anatomy of the sex weekend.

I share one of the most pivotal sex weekends for me, and how it catapulted me and my relationship into the stratosphere.

Orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

Plus, see my favorite places on the planet to have them!

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5 thoughts on “The Sex Weekend

  1. Thank you so much Kim, Janet and I have continued are 3 hour sex dates since Bali last May. Looking forward to a 3 day sex date in June. Getting our priorities and healing on.