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The Solo Sex Date

How to have a sex date. With yourself!

You can have an incredible sex life…even if you’re single.

It’s crucial as a single person to keep your sexual fires burning. And you can do it all on your own.

In this episode:

  • One of the most well-f**ked periods of my life, that happened to be when I was single. And celibate.
  • Our Well-F**ked All Star of the Week, Alex, shares how men are just dropping into her lap after she uses my consciousness-expanding, self-pleasuring techniques.
  • Learn how to amplify your sexual energy and magnetize your deepest desires of love, creativity and abundance.

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8 thoughts on “The Solo Sex Date

  1. This was a great podcast. It came at a time when I needed it. Thank you Alex for sharing your story. I have been slowly working toward shifting my energy. Hearing Alex’s story has given me the push I have needed to accept my painful breakup and view it as a break up-grade. I love that! Thank you Kim for your work, you are a huge inspiration!

      1. Okay, I had to update because this was crazy. I listened to the podcast and made an intention to do the work. Over the weekend I noticed A LOT of men looking at me. This is not normal especially when I have my two kids with me. And I had not even started to do the work!! I am so inspired!

  2. Love love love! As a single lady I really appreciate the spotlight on solo sessions and the guest speaker was so inspiring. Went a few rounds with myself and scheduled my weekly 3 hour session!

  3. Thank you, Kim, so much for this on V-day <3 What a great timing when I was on a verge of a breakdown. Being single does not mean being less, it can be great even if it does not lead to the relationship for whatever reason. Lots of love to all singles listening to this podcast.