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Where Sex and Spirit Come Together

My two favorite topics are sex and God.

I’m happiest when I’m engaged with at least one of them.

And preferably both at the same time.

I’m on spiritual retreat this weekend and I’m always reminded of how similar the sexual and the spiritual are.

Kind of like how I recommend sex weekends and weeks, I also recommend spiritual recharge weekends—somewhere you go to rekindle your inner mojo and connect to your deeper self.

Sex and God would seem to make unlikely bedfellows, or at least that’s what the last 2000 years or so have told us.

Before that, they both got on and got it on, smashingly.

In many ancient cultures, the sexual and spiritual are intertwined.

The same kind of openness and surrender that takes you higher spiritually, that allows a power and wisdom greater than you to enter, is wrought through a letting go of the deepest and higher order.

And so it is with me and cock.

To truly embrace a man and his cock, to allow his power and wisdom to enter me, I have to continually let go and practice receiving.

I push away my mental chatter, the fears I have, the need to control and I open.

I open my legs.


I open my heart, and dare to love.


Spiritually, we talk about letting go and letting God.

My definition of God is: energy, flow, evolution. Some kind of force in the world that is continually striving higher and has innate intelligence; one that surpasses my own, or is a higher version of my own.

We step aside our small, human parts and tune into the flow of the universe.

We ask for help. For guidance. To be realigned with that flow.

And in asking, we are.

The hardest spiritual and sexual work is pulling down the resistance and opening.

I want to be filled up with love.

And spiritual wisdom.

And cock.

It’s all the same source really.

My spiritual practices:

  • My daily meditation where I aim to quiet my mind and listen to the soft voice of spirit underneath the mash-up of it all
  • My daily discipline, in each situation that comes my way, of overriding my all-too-human reactions and instead to *CHOOSE* (this is in capital letters with little asterisks around it because you always have a choice) more patience, more love and more generosity
  • Accept what is. It’s the “be here now” mantra. What gifts has life lain down before you that you have been stepping over, on your way somewhere else? Sometimes the easiest answer and course of action is right before you.

My sexual practices:

  • My daily sex prayer or meditation which allows us to commune, reconnect and reforge the glue that is the lifeblood of our relationship
  • Opening to my partner a level deeper, a level deeper. Letting him further into me in every possible way. This is a discipline—to choose to open. Always.
  • Accepting him. Loving what is. When I stop resisting and criticizing and just love everything about him, wholeheartedly and whole-vaginally, magic happens. I can’t even describe how it’s like night and day—when I let go of that resistance and just accept, accept who he is and stand back in awe.

All of these converge to deepen my ability to let go and surrender.

Which is the key to tuning into divine wisdom.

And the key to life-changing orgasms.

Mantras, deep-diving and cock.

See? Sex and God come together.



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