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Why Is Sex Really Censored?

The drive to turn off your drive.

More than any other thought, activity or concept, sex is the most censored of them all.


Why do people go to such great lengths to censor sex?

Is it really so dangerous?

Actually it is.

A sexually awakened and self-realized being IS very dangerous.

Because they know their own truth.

They think for themselves.

They speak their minds.

They don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about them.

They are in touch with the very source, most creative and powerful energy in the universe.

The source of life.

To certain people or groups or powers, the sexually awakened pose a real threat to the foundational ideas that keep people docile, controlled, subservient.

And lost.

They are a threat to:

  • To the status quo.
  • To lies.
  • To bullshit.
  • To social programming.
  • To disease as a business model.
  • To being dependent on outside sources for what to think and do and how to feel.

Instead, they are self-sovereign, self-reliant and awakened.

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Full Episode Transcript

More than any other thought, activity or concept, sex is the most censored of them all. 


Why do people go to such great lengths to censor sex? 

Is it really so dangerous? 

Actually it is. 

A sexually awakened and self-realized being IS very dangerous. 

Because they know their own truth. 

They think for themselves. 

They speak their minds. 

They don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about them. 

They are in touch with the very source, most creative and powerful energy in the universe. 

The source of life. 

To certain people or groups or powers, the sexually awakened pose a real threat to the foundational ideas that keep people docile, controlled, subservient. 

And lost. 

They are a threat to: 

  • To the status quo. 
  • To lies. 
  • To bullshit. 
  • To social programming. 
  • To disease as a business model.
  • To being dependent on outside sources for what to think and do and how to feel.

Instead, they are self-sovereign, self-reliant and awakened. 

People are much more programmable and controllable when they are out of touch with their vital life-force energy, which is the very essence of who they are. 

I always say that people not in touch with their sexual energy, are operating at a deficiency. 

If you were a ruler and wanted complete obedience from your citizens, the first thing you would do—after putting fluoride in the water, just like Hitler did when he took power—would be to squash their sexual selves, and distort all messaging around what sex really is. 

All of the pillars of an obedient and unquestioning populace crumble in the wake of a sexually self-realized individual and society. 

How? Why? 

As I always say, sexual energy is life-force energy. 

This is the energy that creates new life. 

As living creatures, we have an infinit

e supply and source for this energy.

Via our genitals. 

Wisdom, power, rejuvenation, instant healing. 

And spiritual enlightenment. 

All on tap. 

Bottoms up kids. 

This is your power drink. 

But…this knowledge has been burned and hidden for millennia. 

It is shrouded in shame, and made out to be something it is not. 

What if you looked at your sexual energy as a fuel? Like food? 

As something you needed to plug into DAILY, as a way to keep your engine going? 

Let’s assume that’s the truth. 

Sexual energy is an infinite source you have access to, which is both healing and regenerative and also a direct highway for you to tune into chi, prana, the universal life force energy.

Look at the Christian origin story of humans. 

Baked into that whole narrative is the idea that sex—or an awareness of our own sexuality and its power—has been responsible for the very downfall of the human race; our fall from the state of heavenly enlightenment. 

Well, they almost got it right, but backwards. 

Or, as I would propose, got it deliberately backwards in crafting the narrative. 

It’s the conscious AWARENESS of this power that KEEPS us in these heavenly states. 

I often see amongst people in the wellness world, how they can be open to all kinds of radical ideas and healing modalities, and the wildest conspiracy truths (eh, not “theories”) yet are still stuck in this old paradigm around sex. 

They still see it as something dirty and impure. 

Because their own programming, wounding and unconsciousness around it BLINDS  them to its true power and purpose. 

And this, makes them blind in many ways. 

I assert that any person can only evolve so far without an awareness of the truth of what sex is. 


How many of you remember the ancient city of Pompeii? 

The one that was buried by the volcanic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. 

I studied it in my 6th grade social studies class. 

We saw photos of mummified people, preserved by molten lava and ash. 

What we didn’t see—and what we weren’t told—is that Pompeii was a glorious city of cock. 

I’m serious. 

The whole city was a testament to the beauty and power—of cock. 

Cock everywhere. 

Cock art inlaid in the cobblestone roads. 

Giant statues of cock in the public fountains, water streaming out of enormous cock. 

Cock door knockers. 

And wind chimes. 

Cock was worshipped and celebrated as a power source. 

It was used as talisman, an amulet for protection, good luck, fertility, you name it. 

Everywhere you looked was cock. 

Except in the modern history books.

There are plenty of cultures who also did this with yonis too. 

Sculptures and art and painting and caves communicating the great power of the pussy portal. 

This “burying” of the power of sexual energy is a great metaphor for what has happened today.


I’ve spoken about my own journey into sacred and powerful sexuality. 

You can hear me speak more on all of this in my inaugural podcast episode: Origins and Orgasms. 

I share on how my own intuition and experiences told me that sex was a power source, and a gateway to other, higher dimensions of consciousness. 

Then, in my early 20s, reading about ancient Taoist and Tantric sexual practices, was an amazing affirmation of all that I’d been learning on my own. 

In my own bed. 

With my own body. 

That sex was medicine. 

It was a a doorway to enlightenment. 

It was used to heal. 

Ancient Taoist physicians in China would give people prescriptions of sexual positions to heal their ailments. 

By angling their bodies to direct energy to different orgasms and body parts, they could heal them with this powerful, life force energy. 

They mapped out sexual reflexology zones in the vagina and on the cock. 

They practiced vaginal weight lifting with the jade egg, and cock weight lifting, with the idea that strong, sentient, articulate genitals were essential to good physical, mental and spiritual health. 

Pretty amazing, hey? 

Then Confucius came along and was all like, “Fuck nature, let’s dominate it. Nature’s dumb. We’re smart.” 

And everything changed. 

That translated not only into the idea to override nature rather than looking at the inherent pattens within it as clues to our own growth, but also to dominate, overrule and silence the messages of our own bodies. 

In India, Tantric practices were used similarly, to consciously tap into this energy and instead of just ejecting it out of the body unconsciously, to redirect it and bring it back into the system, using it to revitalize us. 

It was also channeled into the higher centers of consciousness, to help us to ascend. 

Like a spiritual ladder, if you will. 

Again, this knowledge and these practices were squashed but somehow miraculously survived to be spoken about today. 


My ultimate question to people is: 

Are you using sex as a means to get MORE conscious or to go UNconscious? 

Do you use sex to “awaken”? Or literally—and figuratively—as a sleep aid? 

“Does sex give you energy? IS it immensely pleasurable, and does it change your life?” 

If not, then you are doing it wrong. 

Most people are sold a lie about sex. 

They are told it’s dirty and dangerous and lustful and will kill you or get you pregnant. 

They are told that it’s not an important part of a relationship.

They’re shamed when they enjoy it or want it. 

The programming has even gone so far as to tell us that what is meant to be the most sexually pleasurable and ecstatic experience of a woman’s life, indeed, the biggest orgasm of a woman’s life — is supposed to be painful and torturous. 

I’m talking about childbirth. 

Where does the Biblical mythology go on this one? 

“We have to punish the hoes for being hoes and make women suffer in pain to have babies, because they be hoes.” 

Um, get fucked. 

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

For more on that, check out my Birth Orgasms video on YouTube. 

Instead of the truth about sex, what we’ve had is a MASSIVE campaign to SMOTHER over the true power of it and convince people that it is something it is not. 

To hide its true power and thus, to get people to disown theirs. 

The giant irony here, is that the most powerful resource humans have available to them is literally at their fingertips. 

And instead, people are programmed to believe that they cannot possibly heal themselves, or attain spiritual grace themselves, that they MUST seek this OUTSIDE of themselves. 

Have you ever heard the parable about the farmer who goes off on a journey to find a fabled land which has acres of diamonds? 

HE sells his own land and uses the money to travel the world over in search of these riches. 

After years of being away, and being unsuccessful, the man throws himself into a river and drowns. 

Meanwhile, the man who bought his property, one day discovers one of the largest diamonds ever found. 

He then finds that his entire property is full of diamonds. 

The very same property that the original man sold. 

Which was teeming with acres of diamonds. 


Most of the messaging that we DO receive about sex in our culture is also very distorted. 

In the media, pop songs. advertising. 

Instead of it being presented as a profound, powerful experience, it’s portrayed in a very low-grade, off-hand, ultra-casual way. 

Sex is cheapened.

Rap songs, pimps and hoes, and women who seem all too willing to trade some ass for some cash. 

Tits and ass and a very bizarre message of sex being everywhere, and selling everything from potato chips to pickup trucks, but you aren’t actually allowed to have it and enjoy it. 

Fucked up, right? 

So it’s fine to have these very low-vibration presentations of sex, but any kind of higher education about it is restricted. 

Why is that? 

On Facefuck, for years, women were banned from showing photos of themselves breastfeeding, but Hooters-type “HEY LOOK AT MY TITTIES” pages were totally fine. 

Why is that? 

As someone who has existed in the sexual realm for decades, I’ve seen all of this first hand. 

The distortion and censorship of the truth about sex.


I’ve spoken in my last couple of episodes about freedom of expression. 

And the freedom to think differently. 

The instinct to question when someone or a group is deliberately lying to you in a bid to steal your health, money, privacy, freedom and energy. 

When you are a docile worker bee, who blindly trusts that your employer, your political leaders, your boss, or your social group have your best interests at heart, or you believe the reasons why you can’t achieve something, you are relinquishing ALL personal responsibility. 

And power. 

With power comes responsibility. 

But if. 


You start to break free of this. 

And you realize that, and this is one of my favourite mantras: “there is always a solution”. 

You begin to use your voice to question authority figures, to rise up above the crowd, to speak up and to expose lies and hypocrisy…

Maybe you even lead a revolution. 

I have.

With my vagina. 

The vaginal lift heard ‘round the world.

Now, thousands and thousands of women have high libidos. gushing vaginas and multiple orgasms. 

Thousands and thousands of men have cocks—and balls—of steel. 

Hundreds of thousands of men and women have chucked their drugs, declined their surgeries and healed themselves. 

Viva la revolucion!

Imagine if you could do all of these things, just from the power within? 

You can. 

The TRUTH is that SEX shall set you free. 

Having a clear, powerful, unobstructed relationship to your own sexual power makes you un-fuckwithable. 

Via lots of great and powerful fucking! 

So let’s define “powerful fucking”.

This comes back to my barometric questions: is sex giving you energy or taking it away? 

Is it waking you up, or putting you to sleep? 

Conscious, gourmet sex is a super-highway to source. 

It’s a giant reset and recalibration of your system. 

La petite mort. 

The little death and rebirth. 

The highest use of sex, the kind of sex that is being hidden from you, is via a connection full of love and openness. 

Where your heart and your genitals come together and you combine the high vibrations of love, openness and the life-giving power of sexual energy. 

When you have this kind of sex, you emerge reborn. 

You experience a total renewal and cleansing of cells, a potent soul recalibration. 

The deeper the orgasm and the connection, the more the reset and rejuvenation.

You have elevated your vibration because you have tapped into source energy and power. 

You remember WHO. YOU ARE. 


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4 thoughts on “Why Is Sex Really Censored?

  1. Wow. So it’s really been people taking the easy way out?
    “no. don’t have sex. sex is bad. no. wait” is easier than teaching about worthiness, power, and self-love because in order to know how to teach those things, they have to be lived out. I have some work to do.

    I know God will send me friends to have these kind of conversations with because I’m excited about this stuff. I’ve always been reserved and quiet, long sleeves and pants in the summer, fainting at the mention of “sex”, guilty about masturbation kind of person. It’s intimidating but I’ve been wanting to get free

    Grateful for these podcast and for my jade egg

  2. LOVE THIS, Kim! Especially love your reminding us all of the roots of this wounding, of separating sex from the rest of our divine creative power of physicality… Such a glorious time of collective reawakening and possibility!! Love your reference to Pompei and Vesuvio – I love not far from there – it is a mindblowing place to visit in terms of art, culture, story and potent land energy, eh! The whole region is steeped in this underlying deep feminine, too – manipulated horribly by the church, but nevertheless flowing through everything, and calling out to be embodied! Deeply-embodied love, centuries-deep roots, full-body enjoyment of nourishing pleasureful things, spontaneous connection and flow of interrelationship… 🙂

  3. I agree that sexual energy can be used as a path to spiritual enlightenment… For those who are already ‘aware’ to a certain extent.
    But in the hands of an ‘unconscious’ person, the same power can be destructive. I think that’s why it’s such an emotive subject.
    I mean look at all the porn addiction etc..it is destructive..and lead to depravity. I mean that’s why it needs to be censored(tho it isn’t enough these days…its all too available to children,unfortunately.) There’s two sides to this coin. Tho I know Christianity has done alot of damage to humanity by suppressing sexuality…it has created perversion…and a kind of scizo.
    Just sharing my views.