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Sex, Intimacy and Immunity

Yes, you can love and f**k your way to a stronger immune system. 

I say so, and even science says so. 

Having sex and powerful orgasms generates a massive boost to your immunity.

To all things.  

A Wilkes University study showed that people having sex once or twice a week had a 30% increase in immunoglobulin A, which is a defender against colds, flus and other illnesses. 

That’s a pretty high impact, for not too much effort. 

I’d love to know if having sex three to five times a week boosts it by 100%

I suspect it does! 

In this episode, I’ll talk about not only the physical immunity bestowed by seriously good sex, but also about how having a powerful gourmet sex connection repels the infectious negativity of other people—and organisms.

When you are loved, seen, penetrated, cherished and well-f**ked, nothing can touch you. 

The supersonic shield created by your intimate connection is its own kind of protection. 

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Sex, Intimacy and Immunity 

Yes, you can love and fuck your way to a stronger immunity. 

I say so, and even science says so. 

Having sex and powerful orgasms generates a massive boost to your immune system. 

1) First off, it increases your immunoglobulin A, which strengthens immunity. A Wilkes University study showed that people having sex once or twice a week had a 30% increase in immunoglobulin A. 

which is a defender against colds, flus and other illnesses. 

That’s a pretty high impact, for not too much effort! 

I’d love to know if having sex three to five times a week boosts it by 100%

I suspect it does!

2) Secondly, you’ll increases your white blood cell count. 

There was a study done at the University Clinic of Essen in Germany on how masturbation boosts white blood cell count:   

Participants had their levels checked 5 mins before masturbating, then 45 mins after—and the levels rose!

So like I always say, whether you are having gourmet sex with yourself, or with a partner, all of it counts! 

3) Thirdly, sex reduces cortisol. 

Having elevated cortisol levels depressed your immune system 

Many people these days LIVE with an excess of cortisol, as in they are constantly stressed, have no real ways to relieve their stress (ahem, orgasms!) and so their bodies never get a break. 

They mal-adapt to this state. 

This means they are subsisting overall, and have a perpetually low white blood cell count and inflammation in the body. All of which lowers immunity. 

Hey! I have a solution! 

Well, your genitals have a solution. 

Orgasms wipe out cortisol in the body. 

They’re kryptonite for cortisol. 

They get in there and flood your system, restoring your equilibrium and then giving you the blissed-out, feel good qualities associated with oxytocin. 

Add in a little dopamine to the mix—you know, the cocaine high—and now you’re really flying. 

The more you practice the kind of sex I coach people in—which is extended, 3-hour sex dates, and hovering on the edge of orgasm for hours, while “harvesting” this potent sexual energy—you’ll hijack your hormones and neurotransmitters to generate even more dopamine and oxytocin. 

Getting even higher.  

If you are having the deep kind of life-changing gourmet sex I speak of, AND for women, the vaginal orgasms that I talk about, you’ll be increasing your oxytocin release tenfold. 

You’ll be LIVING in a state of bliss. 

This is when you step into well-fucked territory, where I talk about people having the “well-fucked glow”. That je ne said quoi, except that, well, we know exactly where it comes from don’t we? 

Your genitals! 

The quality of beauty, attractiveness and radiance that you inhabit when you are “WEARING” your sexual energy. 

It’s the look of the well-fucked woman, and man. 

One of the hallmarks of being a well-fucked woman or man, when you really start to OWN your sexual energy, is that you stop giving a fuck what anyone thinks about you. 

You don’t even try NOT to care. 

You just don’t. 

You face and conquer your own blocks and demons and fears and the end result is that you are IMPERVIOUS. 



Except by the person you very much want to be fucked by…. 

You are clear on your own truth and you follow that.

You are impervious to what other people think of you. 


It’s one of the greatest gifts of being well-fucked. 

Negativity bounces right off of you and catapults back to the sender. 

Well, guess what. 

Not only do people’s opinions and judgments fly over your head, but I’m going to go so far as to say that the infectious negativity of people and viruses and other negative entities that spread their malaise—they go back from whence they came.

Having a strong immune system is the gatekeeper. 

But your immune system is beyond just physical sickness immunity. 

What are you IMMUNE to? 

Other people’s opinions, thoughts, judgments.

Societal programming. 

Are you IMMUNE to all that? 

Not only do the physiological actions of sex and orgasms BOOST your immunity, but the energetic, emotional and psychological actions of being loved, seen, penetrated, cherished and WELL-FUCKED also boost your immunity. 

You and your lover, or even if that is yourself, as you fall more deeply in love with yourself, create this shield, this impermeability that you begin to wear and emanate. 

Shit can’t touch you. 

You are beyond it. 

Through your gourmet sex practice, you have elevated yourself so high, that you are on another vibrational level. 

This is the IMMENSE power of gourmet sex. — the kind of sex where your heart and full being are involved. 

This is the secret, life-changing power of sex—as a creative channel, a booster of your immunity to all things. 

Think of the times when you’ve had amazing, world-rocking sex. 

You go into work the next day and you float. 

Nothing can touch you. 

Not the petty arguments or the gossip or the stress or the deadlines or the bad energy of your colleagues. 

None of it. 

Somehow, some way, you have this natural, easy resilience to it all. 

You have the solution to every problem. 

You have the wittiest comeback to every comment. 

You are easy and graceful and calm and full of beauty. 

You are full of come. 

You have “come to” and “come out”. 

This is the power of come. 

You BECOME in tune with your own truth and you live it. 

You. Are. Impervious. 


Years ago, I was with a man and we were deeply in love and connected. 

At one point, a bunch of stuff was piling up between us and not getting dealt with. 

And our connection was suffering. 

He was the carrier of a type of illness, but had no symptoms. 

We’d been together for months, and been having plenty of non-barrier method, tons of fluid-exchanging sex. 

I remember during that disconnected time, a moment when something in my energy, in my body shifted. 

Like a crack, and something got in. 

About a week later, I started manifesting symptoms of this thing. 

It was all treatable, and no long-term harm done. 

But it was a huge lesson to me to see that during that time when our connection was super potent, so was my immunity. 

I was being exposed to this thing in every possible way. 

And the ONLY time it was able to make a move on me and my system LET it in, is when the potency and “immunity” of our love dropped down a notch. 

I get that we can’t live in a perfect state all the time. 

But I do believe that you CAN live there most of the time. 

90% plus. 

And if you do, you’ll be harnessing the benefits of your intimate connection ALL of the time. 

One of the major things I try and make people aware of, is that the state of your intimate relationship has a MUCH greater impact on your health than you probably realize. 

It either becomes the fortress, gatekeeper and sanctuary that can let in and keep in the good and filter out all negativity, like a high-functioning cell membrane. 

Or it becomes a weak and floppy, compromised, bribe-able security guard that can be easily swayed. 

It will let in all kinds of things, because it’s been weakened. 

A bad and frayed relationship is generally better than no relationship. 

The constant fighting, stress, worry and anxiety elevates your cortisol on a daily basis, which lowers your IMMUNITY to all things. 

I’ve spoken in other podcasts about how being out of alignment with your truth creates leakages of energy

This is akin to this idea of membrane permeability. 

The gatekeeper is weak. 


When you are connected and strong, whether with yourself if you are single, or with your partner, you create a supersonic shield around you. 

Like a cocoon. 

It attracts amazing things and repels negativity. 

The shield of good-fuck medicine. 

It’s the healing balm we all need. 

As daily sustenance. 

So if you are cooped up and stressed out and worried about the end of the world as we know it. 

The end of the world as we know it. 

It’s the end of the world as we know it. 

And I feel fine……. 

Know that if you take your good-fuck medicine, you’ll heal and strengthen your body, emotions, mental and overall energetic state. 

So USE this time for longer sex dates. 

I’m in the middle of the annual run of my Vaginal Kung Fu Salon right now. 

And the ladies are taking advantage of their “quarantine” to devote even more time to their jade egg practices, to their vaginas, and their sex dates with their partners and themselves. 

I mean, you can buy into the mind trap of:

“I’m too stressed to have sex.” 

“Who feels aroused now with everything that’s going on??” 


Your secret weapon, your key to transcending just about anything…. 

Is this. 

Everyone who does my work who gets to know the power of sex begins to understand that if you prioritize your connection, if put it number one or tow, if you feed it and give it love, it will energize and fortify EVERY part of your life. 


The world is poised on the brink of some very big changes. 

You can use the engine of your sexual connection to help create a new reality. 

For yourself, and the world at large. 

Every person and couple who elevates themselves with gourmet sex, is raising the vibration of the planet. 

You are harnessing your creative orgasmic energy and using it for its highest good. 


What to do when you have to stay inside all day? 

You have an all-day sex date! 

What to do when you have to stay inside all week? 

You have a seven-day sex date!

Get to it kids! 

If you want inspiration, check out my Coming Together for Couples free video series, which you can find on my website. 

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In a time when everyone is talking about immunity and how to insulate against outside forces, one of the most powerful tools you have to create a high-vibration fortress around you is to build and cultivate your love. 


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