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5 30

How to Attract a Partner

How do you meet your ideal partner? You magnetize them in.

You’ve got the fit, toned body…the great career…awesome friends…the awesome home…a king size bed with plenty of room for two…everything seems to be in place…and yet…you’re struggling to meet someone amazing. Whhhyyyyy?????

Maybe you feel like you’ve tried everything. Dating apps—swiping until your finger is about to fall off! Professional match maker. Friends setting you up. Nothing is working.

Somehow your dates never “go anywhere.” Or maybe people are interested in you…but…you are NOT interested in any of them! You’re attracting low-caliber people and you’re like, “Where are all the ‘good’ ones??”

In this week’s podcast, I’ll explain how to magnetize your ideal partner into your life, and you’ll hear a couple of great success stories—including mine!

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May 30th 5pm PST / 8pm EST 

Click here to attend. 

I’ll explain the Anami Mentorship program in more detail and answer all of your burning questions about it.

See you there!

~K xx


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